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Thursday 6 June 2013

Indigo and Shibori fabric

For Christmas my niece sent me two lengths of this lovely indigo and shibori - tie dyed - fabric which she bought in Guinea.
Many countries around the world have a tradition of tie dying fabrc - Japan being the most well known. The Japanese term - Shibori - has now become universally used for manipulating fabric before dying.
West Africa has a long tradition of producing tied and stitch resist fabrics and indigo is the traditional colour used.
I found it interesting that a damask fabric was used for this but looking around on the internet it seems to be the fabric of choice in Guinea.

I love the design used for the damask weave.

In these two pictures you can see the holes made by the stitching that forms the resist when the fabric is dyed.

And here you can see some of the resist thread - sometimes left behind on purpose to prove that the fabric is authentic!

The fabric shouted Kaftan to me so that is what I have made with it.

Welcome to Rosa - the latest follower of my blog. Thank you Rosa.

Much warmer here at last and a lovely clear blue sky today.



  1. What lovely, unique fabric! It's so interesting to see what can be created using Shibori. Great idea to make a Kaftan with it and it looks good on you.
    Hello from Idaho,

  2. wow the fabric looks amazing. Perfect for your Kaftan.


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