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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Sunny Walk with Friends - The Plateau d'Argentine

Early this morning (8.30 actually) we met up with friends to take them on one of our favourite walks - around the Plateau d'Argentine near La Rochebeaucourt.
It is a limestone plateau with many interesting features all of which can be seen on a 1 1/2 - 2 hour walk. Starting on the plateau itself which is also used as an airstrip, through some woods then down onto a disused railway line and back to the old village.

This is the airstrip

which is very well known for it's huge collection of orchids in the springtime. Also for the birdlife and some wonderful butterflys.

Looking across the valley
 it is good to see that a field of sunflowers is finally coming into flower - nearly a month later than usual.

Due to my sciatica I had to let the walkers do the circuit on their own and I spent some time photographing some of the flowers.

There is a tiny snail nestling in the middle of the larger one!

I always love the colours in vipers bugloss.

I caught up with the intrepid walkers
to do the short walk to the village as we wanted to show them the recently opened 'cluzeau'.

Cluzeau are caves that were inhabited by man thousands of years ago and there are many examples of them in this area.
Here there are two caves, this is the one going down to the left
You can see the modern steps leading down which are over the ancient stone ones
A residence with an amazing view!
The cave down to the right at some time became a necropolis
This picture (taken off the information board) shows the view of the caves from the valley

The church that you can see in the picture has recently been restored - wouldn't these window designs make amazing quilts?

A lovely morning, but we were glad to be home and in the cool by mid day!

Thank you for dropping by.



  1. Gorgeous walk and wow to those caves then finally those windows!!! :)

  2. What a great post! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Wonderful flowers and the caves look like they would be fun to explore. What wonderful stained glass windows-I love the vibrant colors!
    Hello from Idaho,

  3. Wow these are beautiful pics as always Lin, and yes I can see that the church windows would be great inspiration for a quilt or hanging x


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