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Friday, 2 August 2013

Albizia Flowers

We have a lovely Albizia tree in our garden which, amazingly, has survived -17 degree winters and heatwave summers - but I must not speak too soon as we are in the middle of another one! 36 degrees yesterday and nearly there again today.
While I was weeding around the base of the tree the other day, I noticed that not only is it shedding dead flowers, but also fresh, vibrant pink ones (could this be a warning!).

They are fascinating little pink brushes - suprisingly strong. So I picked up a handfull and thought I would see if I could dry them to add to some of my work.

Here at the flowers

I gave them a short blast in the microwave

Then left them to cool down before opening.

They had lost some of their vibrancy but are still very attractive.
After a short while I had a nice collection.

So now, what to do with them? I find that making postcards is always a good way to experiment with new techniques and materials so I cut a couple of pieces of pelmet vilene to size and had an odment left so cut that into two.

I laid painted bondaweb on the vilene, a few flower heads, covered with baking parchment and then ironed.

The baking parchment is peeled off when everything is cool.

I added a layer of pale green sheer fabric to the two postcards to protect the flower heads as I do like to post my cards as postcards.

So here are my finished results - two cards and two postcards.

When I opened the box today I found that the left over flower heads had deteriorated slightly - possibly I had not dried them enough in the microfleur. However, by ironing the ones I used, that completed the drying process and they are fine.
So I went and picked up a few more to dry. This time I have used evolon as my backround and again added painted bondaweb and topped it off with the sheer fabric.

I intend to try some hand stitching into this piece.

Hope you all have a good weeked - I am off to 'batten hatches' and move delicate plants as we are forecast storms with hail and strong winds tonight!

Happy stitching



  1. Hello Lin,

    We had one of these beautiful trees at our previous home and planted one here and it only survived a few years. They are just magical flowers.

    Like what you did with the flowers.

    Have a lovely day, hope it cools down for you.


  2. A bit cooler here where I am at the moment (Iceland). I can't stand over 30, so I'm happy here with 12. It is also very hot in Luxembourg. Love how you dried the flowers, I didn't know one could use the microwave. Have to try that. Your book wrap looks very pretty.
    Have a nice week.

  3. I hope that your tree survives just fine. It's been so hot here, but I'll start whining about it so I won't carry on about the heat ;-) What a creative idea to dry the flowers and to incorporate them into your postcards. How lovely!
    Enjoy your week and stay cool,


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