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Wednesday 30 October 2013


Every now and again I have the urge to knit a pair of socks! Not really sure why. But they are a small project which is technically challenging and they give the opportunity to be creative so maybe that is it.

Knitting 'stockings' was once a wage earner for many familys from Elizabethan times until the mid 1800's when mechanisation took over. I find the history of knitting a fascinating subject - unlike the 'leisure activity' it is now, it was once a skilled craft practised by men with it's own guilds.

Anyway, I have just completed a pair which I enjoyed knitting. As I hate repeating things they are not the same but have matching cuffs, heels and toes.

I have been busy sewing too but as everything is for gifts I am not showing pictures!

After a very mild autumn, temperatures have dipped over the last few days. There has not been an abundance of autumn colour here sadly. The sumach was splendid but I got there too late with the camera!

So most of the leaves are on the ground!

These few were still clinging on.

There is some other colour around the garden.

We are off to the coast tomorrow so I am looking forward to a day out. The weather forecast is good - lets hope it is right.

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  1. Hello Lin,

    Oh you are clever, I do like your socks. Have fun on your day out.

    Happy days.

  2. Hello Lin! Nice socks! Seem to be warm!

  3. Good morning Lin, your socks look splendid, beautiful colours and very pretty pattern. I also like to knit socks, maybe because it is a small project, but it is fun to do. Autumn is a good and colourful time of the year. Enjoy your day by the coast.

  4. Gorgeous socks! Just what you need now the weather is turning colder! Enjoy your day! Hugs xx

  5. Hi Lin oh I love your socks I was challenged to knit a pair of socks last year for a uni brief called in the loop. Sadly i knitted the rib far to tight and I need a person with I very skinny foot to fit it on plus I only knitted one never finished the second one heheh. so a one legged person with a very thin long foot :)x

  6. I like your socks! Socks are so much fun to knit and to wear. Wonderful fall colors, thanks for sharing the photos with us. Do you know what the berries are called? Are they something that the birds like to munch on?
    I hope that you enjoy your day to the coast!

  7. Great socks for your cold months ahead Lin - and thanks for sharing beautiful Autumn pics too, they ar stunning ! x


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