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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Wedding, a Quilt and a Postcard

It seems such a long time since my last post as so much has happened but it is only just over two weeks.
Most importantly the wedding I was preparing to go to.

My stepson Gary, his wife Catherine and their daughter Emily who is the cutie in the middle.

And here is the quilt I made them to celebrate their marriage.

This is the Mystery Quilt that I made with Heather Spence starting last autumn. The front of the quilt is all pieced from butterfly prints as Catherine loves butterflys. The reverse of the quilt is a Dr Who fabric as Gary is a big Dr Who fan.


In the spring I took part in a postcard swap organised by Sheila. One of the other participants in the swap was Eglea who is from Brazil. I contacted her suggesting a swap and she agreed.

Here is the lovely postcard that she sent me.

I think these delicate machine embroidered flowers look beautiful on the openweave fabric background. The card is also lightly padded and is lovely to hold.

Here is the card that I sent to Eglea.

While I was printing onto fabric for my spring postcards I also did some prints onto paper. These tulips were printed onto brown kraft paper from my stock. It already had a background print on it which had been over inked with procion dye ink. The paper was then well crumpled before I printed the tulips. Because the paper was well crumpled it becomes like fabric and is easy to sew into and so I worked a simple running stitch to outline the shapes.

My card to Eglea took just over a week to reach Brazil whereas her card to me took exactly a month to travel the same distance! We were both getting worried.

I am busy sorting and organising my thread stash - looking forward to getting back to some sewing soon.

Hope you are enjoying your week.

Lin xx


  1. What a lovely photo of the happy family! I've never seen Dr Who fabric before - it really does seem at times that there is a fabric out there somewhere to cater for every interest! Lynne.

  2. Hello Lin,

    Congratulations to the newlyweds. Well done on creating a quilt with both people's interests. The cards are just stunning, the postal services are weird at times. Glad both cards arrived at their new homes.

    Happy days.

  3. Glad the wedding went well - the family look very happy!
    Love the quilt Lin, what a lot of sewing - and that Dr Who fabric would have my DD swooning, she loves Dr Who!

  4. Great wedding photo and I'm very take with your wedding quilt. I haven't seen that Doctor Who fabric before and I think it's possibly something I could live with in my living room if I used it in a quilt for Simon - it's so subtle. Who's the designer/manufacturer?

  5. Congrats to the bride and groom . Lovely quilt you made for them :-) Egleas postcard is beautiful as is the one you sent to her . Isn't it amazing that smile going the same distance can take such different amounts of time .

  6. Love how you combined the newly weds interests into the quilt, I'm sure they'll treasure it.
    Both ATCs are lovely.


  7. Bela nova família!
    A colcha está muito bonita! Um grande presente! Tenho grande admiração pelas mãos que constroem peças tão grandes e bonitas! Parabéns!
    :))) Acho que o meu cartão atravessou o Atlântico nadando. O seu veio de avião! :)))
    Um grande abraço!
    Beautiful new family!
    The quilt is beautiful! A great gift! I have great admiration for the hands that build as big and beautiful pieces! Congratulations!
    :))) I think my card across the Atlantic swimming. Your card flown before! :)))
    A big hug!

  8. Hi Lin Your wedding quilt looks great I bet Cathrine loved it. I love both post cards simply stunning. X:)

  9. What a lovely wedding photo! You did a wonderful job on the quilt for them. Don't you just love fabric postcards? I like both of them-they are quite unique. A month of travel time? I wonder why it took so long....

  10. thanks for sharing the wedding photo. A beautiful family. Great wedding quilt. your selection of the fabrics is wonderful.
    I also make fabric postcards and love both of these. I'll have to try that style of free form embroidery. I haven't tried fabric paints, yet.


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