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Saturday 3 May 2014

Birthday Giveaway

Well, here we are in sunny Taunton on my big birthday and the wedding day of my stepson Gary to Catherine.
I was going to show you some pictures of the quilt I have made them but the internet connection here is so poor I could be here all day. Can't wait to get back to rural France and good internet!

Thank you to everyone who left messages on my giveaway post a few weeks ago.

As promised Mr RNG is here to decide the winner.

Except that he will not copy on to my page!!! However the winner was number 7 and that is Sheila! Congratulations Sheila - I have your address so I will pop your bag in the post as soon as I get back to France. Poor Sheila broke her wrist recently so hopefully this win will help to brighten her day.

I am enjoying a glass of bubbly before I get ready for the wedding.

Hope you all have a good weekend.



  1. I wish you all the best on your birthday. I hope you have a wonderful time in sunny Taunton, and congratulations to Sheila, lucky girl!!!!

  2. Congratulations to Sheila!
    I hope you're all having a fabulous day!

  3. Thanks so much Lin , what wonderful surprise to learn I had won your birthday giveaway . Happy Birthday to you and I hope it was enjoyable . Hugs Sheila

  4. Yay, well done to Sheila - and I hope the Wedding Day goes well for the happy couple...
    Cheers for your Birthday xx

  5. Well done to Shelia, and a Happy Birthday to you!


  6. Happy Birthday Lynne for yesterday!! Think you must have sent us some of that sunshine...it was rubbish yesterday! xx

  7. Happy Birthday (rather belatedly - sorry I missed it!). I hope you had a wonderful day. Give my love to Taunton! Lynne.

  8. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday! And that the wedding went well for everyone. Congrats to Sheila-it will brighten her day to win this.

  9. Hi Lin hope you had a fab day many congratulations lovely xxxx


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