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Thursday, 11 September 2014

TAST and some autumn flowers

This weeks TAST stitch from Pintangle was lock and double lock stitch. Here is my sample.

Lock stitch, on the right, makes a lovely place to put a flower. I have just used a single pistil stitch to remind myself. Double lock stitch asks for something in the middle. I think a single pearl would have looked nicer. Difficult to get the tension right - this is my second go as I pulled the first too tight and the fabric scrunched a bit.

TAST stitches for the last two or three weeks have been up and down buttonhole and variations.

On the left a stem of up and down buttonhole to which I have added organza ribbon petals and beads. Next to it is the beaded version - some stitched with bugle beads some with seed beads. The circle is the same stitch. To the right are two rows of interlaced up and down buttonhole with some little individual ones between the top row. The beads were added afterwards.


I have been working in the garden this morning and we have masses of autumn flowers around.

I had forgotten that I planted these autumn crocus near my washing line. They are very cheery first thing in the morning.

We have hundreds of these tiny autumn ladies tresses at the far end of our garden. Mostly they are 6 - 8" tall.

These tiny cyclamen are at the other end of the garden.

Michaelmas daisies are always so colourful in the garden.


Morning glory taking over the runner beans.

And this pretty ground hugging thistle.

Also spotted this large fungi

but we will not be eating it!

Now to get on with some sewing - I have seen various versions of the Charming Stars stitch along and I am thinking Christmas fabrics would be great for a table runner.

Hope your weather is as sunny as ours!


  1. I'm so amazed at how many variations that you can do with the humble buttonhole stitch. It really is the most versatile stitch.

    Love the pictures of your garden:)

  2. Lovely stitching Lin , they looks so complicated . I didn't know there were fall crocuses , how pretty . Your garden is lovely :-)

  3. Hello Lin,

    Amazing what you can stitch in different ways. Have fun with it. Lovely to see what is flowering, haven't heard of the Ladies Tresses, they are rather lovely.
    Happy days.

  4. OMG Lin you stitches are truly exquiste. Love the flowers so pretty. X:)

  5. Os pontos do bordado estão muito interessantes.
    Um presente tantas flores. Os ciclamens são os meus preferidos.
    Aqui,nosso jardim sofer muito com a falta de chuvas. As plantas ganham água o suficiente para não morrerem e isto é pouco para elas. Mesmo assim algumas nos fazem belas surpresas.
    Um abraço!
    The embroidery stitches are very interesting.
    A gift so many flowers. The cyclamens are my favorites.
    Here, our garden sofer much with the lack of rain. The plants gain enough water to not die and that is just for them. Still do in some beautiful surprises.

  6. Lin your stitches are so beautiful. So many variations. And thanks for sharing all those pretty photos.

  7. I just delight in finding ladies tresses when out hiking!! And you have them in your yard???

  8. Beautiful stitching and your flower pictures are all lovely. We too are having a very sunny and nice Fall day.

  9. Love your stitching Lin. Your flowers are all so pretty. Cheers, Tracy.


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