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Sunday 15 February 2015

Another week in Sunny Spain

Actually, it has not always been sunny! Sunday morning it was very cold and we woke up to see snow on the Cabrera hills where we had had a picnic two days before.

This picture was taken from our bedroom and while I am here I shall show you the swimming pool which we are NOT using!

Anyway the sun shone and the snow soon disappeared. Sunday turned into a beautiful day and we went for a drive up the coast towards Aguilas.

This was taken looking north to Aguilas where we stopped to loook at cormorants.

Monday started out beautiful but by mid afternoon when the bowlers had gone off to do their thing the sky had clouded over, it was blowing a gale and raining. The match was cut short which apparently never happens here and the bowlers returned and headed straight for the brandy bottle to try and warm up!
Tuesday was no warmer although it was dry.
But Wednesday was a beautiful day and Philip and I headed off to Cabo de Gata to meet a friend and to do some bird watching on the salinas (salt pans).

There are always loads of flamingos which are lovely to see.

This is a favourite bar right by the Mediterranean.

Thursday was another wet day but we set off down the coast and fortunately had a couple of stops in dry weather. Saw another three Trumpeter finchs which a great bonus.

I have been able to get some sewing done this week. I completed this Cedars of Lebanon block which is my first BOM with Our Craft Group.

And I have done some more work on my crazy block.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


  1. Beautiful photos Lin! Love the flamingos. Your crazy block is so gorgeous. Love how you arranged the three heart buttons. Very cute!

  2. It sounds like you are having a fabulous time - I'm more than a little jealous. I'd love to see a flamingo in the wild (rather than in a zoo!) Lynne.

  3. Great pics.Love your block!

    I live in Murcia but Aguilas is more or less 150km from my area.Hope you enjoy your holidays.

  4. wow these are amazing pics Lin... good thing the wet weather doesn't seem to be hampering your activities much...

  5. Spain looks like a beautiful place to visit , glad you are enjoying your time there and getting a little stitching in too :-) love your crazy stitching

  6. Still wishing I was there with you rather than here! Love the work on your crazy block too - Chris :D

  7. looks like you are enjoying your trip and getting crafty time is defintely a bonus!

  8. I loved looking at photos of where you are staying. Your stitching projects look wonderful!

  9. Oh what lovely sunny pictures - we are jetting off to the sun next week and I just can't wait to feel that warm sunshine! Gorgeous block you've made. Not heard of that one before. xCathy

  10. Great pictures Lin and thanks for sharing them with us. Your Cedars of Lebanon block looks lovely and you have done some beautiful stitching on your crazy block.

  11. Wow, such wonderful views! Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. I tell my family about them and then they want to see them too :-) Wonderful sewing and I love your embroidery work.


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