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Friday, 6 February 2015

Sunny Spain!

We are coming to the end of our first week in Spain having arrived here last Sunday. The journey from home to Zaragoza on Saturday was 'enlivened' by a myriad of different weather conditions! Sleet, heavy rain, snow, fog, sunshine and finally in Zaragoza very strong winds. Our journey on Sunday was also very windy and we arrived at our holiday home at Puerto Rey in Almeria province to hear of terrific winds on Saturday, with some people having had car windows smashed by the strength of it.
Since arriving we have had varying strengths of wind (fortunately not as strong as Saturdays) but beautiful clear blue skies.
Here is the house we are sharing with friends for the month.

We have a lovely terrasse on the ground floor at the front which gets the sun all day. And we each have a bedroom with a balcony, again getting the sun all day. From our balcony you can just see the sea although it is only five minutes away. The Playa de Puerto Rey is an enormous sandy beach with this lovely view looking north.

Going south there is a small pool formed where a river meets the sea which was full of birds when we visited.

The main reason for visiting this area is that Philip and our friends are part of a bowls team with matches over the next two weeks at the four bowling greens in the area. Yesterday morning they set off early for a practise at the nearest green but it was too windy and the green was closed. It is in a beautiful setting with a lovely view but it is also very exposed. So instead we set off down the coast to explore.
Our first stop was north of Carboneras in a bay called Playa del Algarrobico. There was a small sheltered sandy cove which would be lovely for swimming on a warmer day.

Philip was wandering round with his binoculars and managed to spot three of these beautiful Trumpeter Finches.

They are a north African bird and there are just a few of them in the Cabo de Gata national park so we were very fortunate to see them and to be able to get a few photographs.

This fishing boat came past as we were about to move on.

Today we have been for a drive into the Cabrera hills. Very steep and narrow roads but amazing views. I am afraid my photographs do not do it justice.

But this I think this picnic area has the ultimate view.

Not much time for sewing. I put this crazy block together before we left. It is my February CQJP block.

As you can see my colour theme for February is pink and orange - nice hot colours for a sunny holiday.

Not much progress! But once the bowls matches start I shall have more time.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. the scenery looks lovely Lin, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time...

  2. Hello Lin,

    What lovely views, I do hope that wind dies down and the bowlers can bowl. Enjoy your holiday, your header photo is lovely.

    Happy days.

  3. Have a wonderful time, France is very cold and under snow ! XXX

  4. lovely holiday pics Lin,
    good luck to the bowls team!
    looking forward to seeing how you finish off that block, great start!

  5. Bela viagem!
    Seu bloco ficará bonito!
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful trip!
    Your block will be beautiful!

  6. Hope the weather calms down for you soon and good luck to your menfolk with their bowling.
    That fiery hot crazy patchwork is going to be stunning when it gets your usual treatment.

  7. Looks fab, I envy you the blue skies. What type of bowling is it, my Mum's a crown green bowler as was my Dad and I've grown up with the sport. Gorgeous colours in your block too - Chris :D

  8. Lin I hope you have a wonderful time during your month away... lovely pics...

  9. Hello Lin, it was really beaut to see your travel photos - what beautiful scenery and, yes, that picnic spot did have a lovely view!
    Beautiful stitching with vibrant colours, all so cheerful.
    Bye for now :D)

  10. What wonderful views and how nice it must be to take your time to explore the area! I hope that you have a great time.

  11. Love the colours in your February block....makes me think of heat. Maybe because it's freezing here:)

    Nice beaches and beautiful blue sky but it doesn't look very warm.


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