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dimanche 3 mai 2015

Birthday Giveaway Winner

Thank you very much to everyone who entered my birthday giveaway. There have been a couple of additions since my last photograph - one of my Jacobs Ladder bags and a key ring.

As usual I cannot get Mr RNG to show up here so I will tell you that he chose number 4 which is

 Congratulations Rosa - if you would like to email me your address then I will put your package in the post.

It has been a lovely birthday so far - after two days it has finally stopped raining and the sun has been putting in an appearance. We have been to a vide grenier this morning and I made two small purchases - this afternoon there is a very important football match to watch! Time to make a few hexies I feel.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


6 commentaires:

Anthea a dit…

Well Done to Rosa!
Happy Birthday Lin & I hope you enjoy all the fuss & attention!

Bouts Choisis a dit…

Happy Birthday! Pleased to hear that the weather has been kind. We were planning a trip to the big local Bank Holiday vide grenier on Friday but it poured with rain. OK - we said maybe a Sunday event - but no luck - more rain!Hope you found some lovely bargains! Lynne.

KaHolly a dit…

Well, now, happy birthday! What a lovely give away! Congrats to Rosa!

Rosa a dit…

Lin,thanks so much.I'm overjoyed!!

Great you had a fabulous birthday .Here,summer had arrived.

Once again thanks.

marina a dit…

Congratulations to Rosa,
love your crazy patchwork featured in your header..

Baa. xxx a dit…

Wonderful the weather is improving and for your birthday too. Congrats to Rosa.