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mercredi 9 novembre 2016

EPP Tuesday has come around very quickly!

It's Piece Yourself Together time again. Many thanks to Anthea - do pop over to her blog Hibiscus Stitches to see how she is getting on with her super scrappy quilt and what everyone else has been doing. Do link up yourself if you have been working on some EPP.

I can report that the Morris Hexathon is now over! Here is my last block #26 Floating Clouds

I was hoping to get a picture of all of them but I have not had a chance so it will have to wait till next time. I do have a plan for putting them together - again something for next time.
In the mean time I have done a little work on putting together all my blue swap flowers and these flowers are on their way to my swap partners for November.

Have a great week.

17 commentaires:

  1. Love your hexies post.Those ones,as always are gorgeous and can' t wait to see them together!

    Wishing you a great week.

  2. Beautiful hexies!! Love your blog header too.

  3. Great blocks! I look forward to your next post.

  4. Great job on all your hexies. Beautifiul sewing you're doing.

  5. Wow! Love the aqua in your Morris Hexathon. It pops! It zings! Love it! Can't wait to see them all together. Lucky is the swapper who will receive your hexi flowers. They are charming. Great work! ;^)

  6. Goodmorning Lin,

    Wow, love that first hexie. Love the detail of the web in your header photo. Lovely Spring day here (at last)

    Happy days.

  7. im liking the look of your plain fabrics in the EPP.........

  8. Hi Lin I love your piecing blocks they are so so neat. Are you still doing little versions of the big ones?. X:)

  9. Wow! Last block -it'll be so interesting to see how you put them all together.

  10. Your floating clouds block is so beautiful, it will be lovely to see then all together! Xx

  11. I've enjoyed watching your Morris hexagons emerge, look forward to seeing them altogether too. This final one is a stunner!

  12. Oh wow how wonderful that you've kept up with the Morris blocks Lin, can't wait to see them all together! Will there be a plan for that, or do you design your own layout? Thanks for your support of PYT, I really appreciate it.

  13. Great blog header, Lin! Love your hexies too! I have been stitching tiny hexies this week but no pictures to share as yet!
    Have a great week!
    Barbara xx

  14. Hi Lin, as always, it's a great joy to visit you blog, you have so many beautiful things to show. Hipp hipp hurray for you - finished all Morris blocks and they are so beautiful. Looking forward to see them all sewn together.
    I also like your swap blocks, so pretty.
    Have a nice week.

  15. I love to see your hexies with all of the fun variety. The colors on the first one just vibrant with color energy!
    Happy sewing,


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