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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Garden woes!

We have had a very mild winter here in the Dordogne which has meant that many shrubs and trees have produced their flowers and leaves early. So Thursdays sharp frost has caused quite a bit of damage to the later leafing plants that still have soft tender leaves. For instance all our walnut trees look like this

Hopefully the trees will recover but a crop of walnuts is doubtful. Not a problem for us but this is a big walnut area and for those who rely on the extra cash that they bring in in the autumn it could be a problem.

This vine caught the frost too

And our small green fig tree is also looking sad.

No picture of our big purple fig but that is also looking very sorry for itself.

And our buddleias too have been hit.

Another problem we have at the moment is our box hedge.

Not a pretty sight and all down to these little blighters!

The Box Tree Caterpillar an Asian import which is devastating box all through Europe. Sadly there is no way back for our hedge.

On a brighter note it is orchid time again here and as usual we have a good show of these pretty Lady Orchids.

The individual flowers look like ladies in crinolines.

We also have masses of Man Orchids.

You can see a little man clearly at the bottom of the picture.

Enjoy your Sunday - we are promised rain and storms but there is no sign of it yet!

PS There is still time to enter the giveaway on my previous post - I shall draw the winner on Wednesday evening.


  1. Looks like the frost has caused quite a bit of damage. Cheeky caterpillars must be very hungry...
    What amazing orchids!
    Love your wisteria in your header, it's spectacular

  2. The worst possible time for a frost. It's no wonder that farmers worry about the weather!

  3. It's raining a decent quantity here today - the first time we've had any for a long while! Which is unusual in Normandie - there is a local saying :- "If you can see the Isles of Chausey from the coast road it is going to rain. If you can't see the islands - it's already raining!" We've had the issues with the frost too - the buddleias and hydrangeas look very sorry for themselves! I'm hoping they will recover!We're not lucky enough to have any walnut trees although I think there is one next door (I'll have to look at its leaves). I will also be keeping my eyes open for those box munchers! Lynne.

  4. Darn that frost - it has caused some damage there, so unfortunate. I hope the plants at least recover to grow some green on themselves Lin.

    Very pretty new growth on the flowers, they really are so dainty

  5. Lovely orchids. It's sad about the frost damage.

  6. Beautiful orchids. I've yet to put my tender plants out as the weather here is so changeable. I'm rapidly running out of space in the greenhouse though.
    I've heard of the Box caterpillar, luckily though it hasn't ventured this side of the channel, yet. No doubt it will find it's way though sooner or later. xx

  7. It's always pretty fun to see changes in a garden when you go away for a lenght of time. A pity about the damage and hope they come back okay..... I love those orchids - I have only ever seen pictures of them..

  8. Oh, I hate the frost damage. We, too, have had some frost damage. It's strange that this cold spell came so late in the spring.

  9. I hope your favourites recover...awful when you have pests from elsewhere that decimate your plants! Your orchids are stunning and I am sure cheered you a little xxx

  10. Gorgeous Orchids Lin, unusual too. Yes I can understand your garden problems, such a shame as shown in your photos.

  11. It has been weird weather lately and late frosts do cause so much damage. hope your garden picks up again especially the walnut trees. I've heard of box blight but not the caterpillar, what will you plant instead?


  12. What a wonderful header and pretty orchids, mine are in flower too. Here in the north of Spain we have had the same weather problem, only three days of rain in April and gorgeous sunny days, everything budding in the gardens and then just last week, freezing weather again and even snow falls, I rushed to cover my bougainvilleas.

  13. It is rather depressing when all the plants die and there is a lack of colour around. At least you have those beautiful orchids.

  14. Our area produces cherries - the most in the nation. I remember the year the crop was absolutely devastated due to a late frost. We were a bit worried this year, it was so warm then turned cold again, but nothing like that one year! I'm sorry to see your garden so devastated.

  15. Pauvre jardin! Love the orchids though. So pretty.

  16. So sorry for your plants. Happens here, too! As for alien bugs and plants.......I hate them, hate being a word I don't use lightly! XO

  17. I hope you are having a lovely birthday Lin!

    The frost damage is very worrying! DH has seedlings in trays in the garden by day, and has been bringing them in by night. Our buddleias have been caught by the frost too!

    We heard on the news that English vineyards owners are having to burn candles between their vines to keep the frost off - what a job!

    Nice to see your orchids, we have different ones, but I have no pictures of them this year.

    Sorry to hear about your poor box hedge!

    Barbara x

  18. We don't get to many frosts here but boy those late ones sure can do some damage.......

  19. Some very sad pictures :-(, I have seen similar over here.
    Pictures of orchids are amazing, what beauties!


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