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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Christmas Through The Year Linkup

Many thanks to Anthea for setting up the Linky especially as she is unwell at the moment. You need to look here to see what gifts people are working on.

Nothing very exciting for you to look at from me though I am afraid! It's all secret stitching. However, just a glimpse is allowed.

Looking at his eyes in this picture I can see that they may need modifying! Looks a bit scary - like something from Dr Who.

We had a day out to the coast yesterday - sorry no pics! but we did stop in the small town of Cozes for a drink as we made our way to friends inland and found this beautiful covered market place.

Some of those upright posts date from the 15th century although most of what you see now is from the 18th century. It is still in use for the Wednesday market.

Hope you are having a good week.


  1. It's always nice to see your stitching and what new project that you're working on. Your trip with friends sounds relaxing and fun. So interesting that you have buildings that are that old. It makes you think of the people in the past, using the marketplace over the years.

    Happy stitching,

  2. Maybe if he had little black beady eyes instead of circles?

    That's a lovely covered market. A good idea if either bright sunshine or heavy rain are at all likely!

  3. what a lovely market place - I bet those posts have seen a few happenings...

  4. I think dear Bear is just wishing Christmas was soon! Love Baa. xxx

  5. I think dear Bear is just wishing Christmas was soon! Love Baa. xxx

  6. Fill cute teds eyes in with satin stitch...makes a big difference. Love that historic market place x

  7. Your stitcheries are always so cute!

  8. Great pics, Lin!
    Love your header flowers! Teddy has definite Dr Who potential!
    Wow! Love that market place ..... amazing it has survived so long!
    Do they still use it for market, or would it be too small these days?
    Barbara x

  9. Cute stitchery Lin,
    And what an amazing marketplace...if the walls could talk, what history!

  10. So adorable bear and you can make french knot for his eyes.I love the history of the market place!


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