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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

EPP Tuesday!

Many thanks once again to Anthea for hosting our EPP link up - pop over to Anthea's blog here to see how her beautiful scrap quilt is coming along and to see who else has linked up.

It has been quiet on the EPP front here - too many other projects on the go and of course last week we were at the seaside! More on that later. First though I have made several of these.

In one of my swap groups we are sending heart flowers to any member of the group who is unwell or in need of a hug. This is a spare - the centres get signed before sending off.

As I mentioned we were away last week and travelled to Mimizan Plage which is on the west coast of France south of Bordeaux. The long golden beach stretches all the way from Arcachon down to Biarritz. Inland is the flat, forested area of Landes which is protected from harsh Atlantic storms by huge sand dunes stretching along the coast.

The beaches are popular with fishermen and surfers as well as the usual sun and beach lovers.

On our first night we saw this stunning sunset at Mimizan looking like the sea was on fire!

There is a river which splits Mimizan Plage into two - the north and the south beaches.

A pleasant place to sit on a warm afternoon to watch the birds, the fishermen and generally people watch!

Not one of my better pictures but I was standing on the dune looking inland and over the tops of all the tall pine trees that grow there. This is Cap de l'Homy Plage where it was beautiful to walk along the beach while the tide was out.
On our way home we visited the small town of Roquefort - this is not the Roquefort of cheese fame which is further east. It's an attractive town with this splendid bridge beautifully decorated with hanging baskets.

There is a beautiful Church with different sections having been built over many hundreds of years but which has recently been restored. If you click on the Roquefort link you will se a picture of the outside of the church. I loved the interior decoration.

In the courtyard there is the tiny chapel of St Joseph which is also dedicated to St Jacques and welcomes pilgrims on their way to Compostella in Northern Spain.

We were fortunate to have five dry, sunny days away, we left home in rain and arrived back in grey damp!
Thank you for making it through to the end of this post.
I am also linking up with Needlework Tuesday at Heather's Books and Quilts.


  1. Hi Lin,wow such lovely pics of a beautiful place,love your hexie too xx

  2. A lovely week - hope it it you good!

  3. Beautiful ul place to spend a holiday..
    Nice red hexie..

  4. Sweet heart hexie - I like the idea of signing the centres. Looks and sounds like you had a beautiful time away - great that you were so lucky with the weather - gorgeous scenery and history.

  5. Great idea with the heart hexie and beautiful vacation pictures!

  6. How lovely to see some of the area you travelled... those old buildings are just amazing....

  7. Love your pretty hexie. What a beautiful spot Lin. Loved the old stone bridge and gorgeous church. Perfect road trip x

  8. I love seeing your pictures of the French countryside - having never been there I have no idea what it is like. It looks very beautiful. I haven't managed to make any heart hexies yet. Good for you for being ahead of the game!

  9. Love your hexie flower.Beautiful church interior.

  10. Thank you for the pictures, Lin. It gives me as chance to see your part of the world.

  11. Your hexie flower is very pretty, it is a lovely idea to pass them on to people who aew not 100%. You had a great time away, that beach looks beautiful, and the church is amazing, thanks for the tour.

  12. Hello there Lin, I love the act of sending those heart flowers to members who may need a lift - that's so nice :D)
    I really enjoyed the beaches of Mimizan, a lovely relaxing spot for a break. That shot of the sunset is gorgeous too.
    You took us to many interesting places. The interior shots of the church are beaut to see as well, such fine work.
    Cheers now and I hope your grey damp is brightened up with some sunshine by now :D) xx

  13. Cute hexi! Love the beach and the church is so beautiful.

  14. What a lovely idea with the hearts hexy, Lin... lovely to see pics of your travels... thanks for linking up!

  15. Oh Lin it looks absoulutely stunning. X:)

  16. What a lovely hexie heart idea! And it looks like you had a great time x

  17. Hi Lin, so beautiful place.A lot of fun!

    Love your hexie.

  18. Nice trip, thanks for sharing, always interesting to see new places :-)

  19. Such a lovely beach, I could easily imagine myself there. Thanks so much for sharing your photos.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.


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