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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Happy New Year and a Craftpod!

Some of you have noticed that I have not been around for a while. Something went wrong with my computer while we were away over Christmas - the dreaded 'Windows update' I suspect. Anyway, although blog updates were coming through on email I was unable to connect to the internet so I was reading your posts but was unable to comment. But, thanks to our local computer whiz, I am back.

So I wish you all a very Happy 2018!
We spent three weeks in UK over Christmas and New Year visiting friends and family and had a lovely time. Not many photographs taken, I have no idea why, but we enjoyed a day out at Watchet in North Somerset and I did take a few there. It was a wet and windy day but it was lovely to be out on the beach and near the sea.

Before we went away I had read about Craftpods, a quarterly box of seasonal craft ideas in a letterbox friendly box. It sounded like a fun idea and so I ordered the winter box. I collected it in UK but did not open it until this week when I had time to appreciate it and enjoy the contents.
I opened the box to find a welcoming message from Jo, the originator of the Craftpod.
And underneath the beautifully wrapped goodies!

And oh yes, there is chocolate!
Essential nourishment for any craft project.
There are two projects in the box - one embroidery, the other a linocut stamping project. Everything that you need is included.
Three linocut blades, a piece of Mastercut which is a lino substitute and easier to cut, an ink pad and some simple designs to try out.
The embroidery project is of a pretty winter berries design and comes with a hoop for framing your finished embroidery.
Also included in the box is a sheet of winter themed stickers and a pretty postcard.
I have been planning to do more printing this year and so the lino cut project appealed straight away and so I soon made a start on my first print block using the pine cone design supplied.

In less than an hour I had unpacked my box and made my first prints. The Mastercut was really easy to work in to and the design very effective. I cleaned up my block and then used it with a gold pad to print into the sketchbook I made here
and love the effect I obtained. Am thinking about applying a wash of colour over the page now.
I shall definitely be ordering another Craftpod - a little box of goodies to brighten any day!
Friday night is the first FNSI of the year - hope to see you there!


  1. What a wonderful box of goodies, your pinecone printing looks great. Love the beach and rainbow pictures.

  2. Yay, to be online again.... It's like a friend has been away on holiday - which you have of course! haha... those craftpods are a brilliant idea - great for you and I can see why you enjoy it so much...


  3. WOW! how fun that box of goodies looks to be! And sustenance too! I love how you venture out into difference projects.

  4. The craft pod looks so fun! What a great idea! Is it only available in Europe?

  5. Happy New Year to you too. Hope that the worst of your problems are already behind you. Craftpod is a wonderful idea. I didn't expect your box to be so full of things ... and chocolate on top of it. Wow! Love the effect the golden pine cones did. Oooooh! The possibilities ... Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Happy New Year to you also Lin. Nice to read your post. What a lovely parcel to have saved for your homecoming. The linocut printing will be excellent for your journal....enjoy xx

  7. Happy New Year! I should imagine you didn't take photos because you were having too much fun!

  8. Happy New Year Lin!
    what a clever idea in the craftpod.... looks like you have enjoyed the projects.

  9. Thanks for the info about Craftpod, interesting idea - good for trying out different crafts, and a chocolate!!! Wow :-)

  10. What a great box of goodies! Computer issues are the worst!

  11. Happy New Year! Oooo craftpod looks so lovely! I am very tempted! x

  12. What a great idea-crafty items plus chocolate is a win-win! I'm sorry about your computer problems, that's so annoying. Computers are great when they work....
    Happy sewing,


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