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vendredi 10 août 2018

After the storm!

After yet more hot weather we finally had a storm in the early hours of Thursday morning followed by a damp drizzly morning. Bliss. It's a sunny but cooler day today which is very welcome and this morning was distinctly chilly, just 10 degrees!
Well now, since my last post I have managed a few finishes so here are some photos. First up my applique which is now a nice new cushion cover.

I have turned my two little stitched squares into tissue sachets.

I have a 'red with a hint of maroon' RSC block for July

and an orange one for August

As I am home alone for a few days I am making good use of my time. First up, and now out of the way, was decorating the kitchen. That done I was able to get down to a project that has been waiting in the wings for just such an opportunity!

In 2010 Popular Patchwork had an article about a Super Scrappy Crazy quilt which gave me an idea for using up various samples and unwanted projects. So since then I have been collecting 4.5" squares to put together to make a super scrappy lap quilt and yesterday I got them out and started to play.

There are 289 squares here (although I am still making them and collecting ready for another quilt!) which will give me 17 x 17.

Here are some of them laid out and ready to sew.

Lots of lovely memories in amongst them - an early hexie project I was never happy with

some City and Guilds samples

a Hundertwasser experiment

playing with clamshells

and lots of scraps left over from projects

I decided that I would put it together in three section and one 17 x 6 section is already complete - heading off now to get on with the next one!

Have a great weekend.

13 commentaires:

Rachel a dit…

That will be lovely - each piece will remind you of something!

Gail a dit…

You have been very busy! All of it looks amazing and I'm going to watching to see how the new quilt turns out!

Jeanette a dit…

Beautiful projects. Look forward to seeing your scrappy quilt looks when you have it altogether. Hugs,xx

FlashinScissors a dit…

What funny weather we are having! Didn’t like the heat, not liking the rain, and apparently it’s going to get hot again!!
Love all your stitching samples. I’m particularly interested in your Hundertwasser piece, are all the different “patches” woven?
Your tissue sachets are gorgeous ..... lovely gifts for someone?
Your quilt will be lovely, and you’ve made such a good start preparing it. I expect you will soon have it finished. Have fun!
Barbara xx

FlashinScissors a dit…

I meant to say how much I like your appliqué cushion, and your quilting looks lovely! Strangely enough I was sitting stitching a tiny piece of quilting myself, just before I saw your blog this evening ..... hope to post about it soon.
I really like the background fabric with the writing. It’s funny I’ve always loved writing on fabric but I don’t have any myself!
Barbara xx

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Lin beautiful work my friend ,cant wait till we get hot weather our way,glad our spring isnt to far away,hope you have a lovely weekend Lin xx

Ondrea a dit…

You have been very busy stitching and I love your appliqued cushion. The quilting as absolutely beautiful too.

Kim a dit…

So, so many lovely pretties in this post. Your applique cushion turned out beautifully and the little tissue sachets are very sweet. Love all that scrappy happiness. You are going to have such fun playing with all that scrappiness.

KaHolly a dit…

Oh, Lin, your super scrappy crazy quilt is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to watch it grow. Show lots of pictures along the way!

Pam a dit…

I love your super scrappy quilt-lots of odds and ends of your life and past projects. Your pillow looks super!

Michelle Ridgway a dit…

Oh your scrappy quilt is wonderful...its almost like an orphan blocks quilt....love it! Your cushion and tissue covers look beautiful. Enjoy your home retreat xx

Allie-oops Designs a dit…

Love the pillow!!! And the tissue holders and blocks are so pretty! I love that you're making a quilt with such memories in it, can't wait to see!

Bethan a dit…

What a lovely way to use up old pieces, and ones with stories behind them x