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Saturday 8 December 2018

Friday Night with Friends

We were a small but select little group of stitchers yesterday - just 14 of us for the last FNwF's of the year. Many thanks to Cheryll for hosting - even though she was off on the high seas no doubt having a great time! Pop over to Cheryll's blog here to see what everyone was working on.

A few weeks ago now I started a new EPP project. I am joining in with lots of other EPPers around the world making quilts based on this 1797 quilt which is in the V&A collection.

Most people are reproducing the quilt using modern fabrics but of course I have to be different! and so I am using my hand dyed fabrics.

I started the quilt in November so have added this to the centre of my quilt and plan to add odd dates along the way to mark my progress.

This is where I am up to so far

so my task for Friday was to baste hexagons for the next couple of rounds and here is my evenings work.

However, fairly early on I decided that I was not keen on the sudden transition from green to yellow - as shown here.

So I hunted through my fabrics for a mottled green and yellow to put inbetween.

Which I much prefer - sorry about some of my photos, we have sunshine and showers here today so it is either too bright or too dark to get a good picture!
However, there was not enough fabric to do a round on the quilt so I got another dye batch underway

and while I was at it a batch of ultramarine and marine violet for another project.

They were left to brew overnight.

It's not a drying day today so I ironed them dry as I am keen to get cutting and basting.

Terrible picture of the green/yellow but it has turned out as I wanted as has the larger piece of marine violet/ ultramarine which will be perfect for the project I have in mind.

So all in all a very profitable evening - many thanks Cheryll for getting us all together again and all through the year.


  1. Well, I missed the notice since it wasn't the usual Sugarlane blog. Man, oh man. Your EPP is looking fabulous! I don't think I'm up to such an undertaking but I did recently purchase a pattern using some hexies!

  2. Love the fact you dye your own fabrics, they look great and so do your hexagons. :)

  3. It does add an extra dimension when you have to dye the fabric before using it!

  4. Wow, what a project! It is going to look gorgeous with your own fabrics!
    And all those hexies! Although I must say I do find making them very relaxing, but there is a limit, LOL..
    I missed FNwF again :-(, to much going on ....

  5. Love your 1797 revisited. The hand dyes are gorgeous. Hugs,xx

  6. Hi Lin wow loving the colours you are using for your 1797 revisited,such beautiful work my friend,well done.

  7. The hand dyed fabrics will make a fabulous EPP quilt and I like the idea of putting the date in as you go..

  8. Wonderful project, love how you are using your owned dyed fabrics.

  9. your version will be lovely and its great that you do some of your own dying.

  10. It's time consuming but your newest dye fabrics are awesome and it will be well worth the time in the project. Love your elongated hexagons project so far. Enjoy! ;^)

  11. Love your version Lin with the hand dyed fabrics. It's fun seeing everyone's choices. This silly forgot to sign up 😣

  12. Very profitable evening! All ready now with your own dyed material. Great fun. I do love your colours

  13. Hello Lin, I do like your choices to transition the green.
    Wow, your hand dyeing is wonderful. Doing that really puts your 'stamp' on your work. I admire what you've done so far, it's going to be a beauty 😊

  14. How fun, a new EPP project. Love the colours of the fabrics you are using. LOVE your dyed fabrics, Lin. I wonder, did you learn how to dye fabrics from the internet??

  15. Great work Lin!
    I loved seeing your dying process. Great containers! I think I need to buy some ice cream so I can do some dying too!
    Love those colours!
    Barbara xx

  16. your own fabrics look so wonderful.
    have a great day

  17. This quilt is looking very pretty and I love the extra dyed fabrics, giving that special touch.

  18. What a great project for you to join, doing something that you love! That will be a nice color bridge for the transition from the green to the yellow and I like how you're using your hand dyed fabric. It adds a nice unique touch to the quilt!

  19. Awesome quilt happening there. It is going to be so lovely. Clever you dying your fabrics.


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