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Saturday 16 February 2019

Friday Night Sew In time again

Joining up once again with Wendy and friends for our monthly sewing evening.

Since my last post I have gone as far as I can with my scissor keeper as I forgot to pack any stuffing!

So I bought some yarn for a new crochet project. I plan to make all different squares and then put them together to make a blanket. These are the squares I have completed so far

and this is the square I crocheted yesterday for FNSI.

I am returning to the shop next week sometime to see if they have the same yarn in a dark grey or black for putting the squares together. I have been trawling the internet looking for different squares to make and have learnt lots of interesting new techniques and had to come to grips with US crochet terminology!

Many thanks for getting us all together again Wendy - you can see what everyone else got up to here

Earlier this week we visited Sorbas, a small town inland from us. The town itself is a typical Spanish hill town with narrow streets and a few little shops tucked away behind curtained doors. Our noses led us to the bakery!
However there is also a pottery there which we found very interesting. Do click on the link here to see a picture of one of the two rooms that were cram packed with pots in all shapes and sizes.
Needless to say we were tempted! Philip fell for the shape of this jug plus it's 'Pisces' decoration.
And I loved the colour of this bowl.
Sorbas is near Tabernas - we did not visit but it was the centre for filming spaghetti westerns back in the 60's as the desert scenery was perfect.

We also found a layby with this amazing view across to the coast.
We also visited Mojacar Pueblo this week. This is a very touristy hill town full of what Philip calls 'trinket' shops! However there are some pretty streets away from the shops and it too has an amzing view.

We finished our morning with a delicious 'fish and chip' lunch on the waterfront at Garrucha.
Well done if you made it this far! Hope everyone had a great FNSI.


  1. Maybe navy blue or dark green to join the squares? Many of us who enjoy crochet have ended up being bilingual - or even trilingual, if you count charts!

  2. Lovely stitching and beautiful photographs :)

  3. Your new crochet project is beautiful, Lin. Love the gorgeous colours and different patterns. How lovely to be crocheting this pretty as you travel around the countryside and enjoy all that fabulous scenery.

  4. Lovely stitching and crocheting perhaps navy. Beautiful photos.

  5. Fabulous scenery, love the pottery. Very nice crochet squares, you did well .

  6. Wonderful projects Lin, love the crochet squares. You are visiting some interesting places in Spain. I can see why the spaghetti westerns were shot in that place, looks very desert like.

  7. Forgot to say the pottery is wonderful.

  8. Love your scissor keeper & the crocheted squares. Gorgeous pottery & lovely photo's. Hugs,xx

  9. Hi Lin wow you do some beautiful work my friend ,well done and love your pics,thankyou for sharing with us xx

  10. I looooove your crochet and the central block is stunning. Black would look amazing as it would make those blocks pop. Your pics are wonderful and I especially like the lane ways.

  11. what a lovely area and so many beautiful views.... the crochet is looking great too.... good idea trying different blocks and I hope you find what you need to join them all together.

  12. Your scissor keeper is going to be beautiful. Lovely crochet too. I have to say as an old mud slinger, I loved those beautiful pots. Wonderful scenery x

  13. Your beautiful scissor keeper will be so handy when you can put the finishing touches to it.
    Oh what a gorgeous crocheted blanket it will be... those squares are amazing, all the pretty colours and shapes!
    It was fun to do a bit of sightseeing through your lens Lin, thank you. Beautiful pottery and isn't it nice when your nose tells you there's a bakery in the vicinity ;D) Magnificent scenery.
    Lovely little laneways and charming places... all go to make a delightful walk. I love your fish and chip meal too - perfect!

  14. Love the colours of your new crochet project. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo's too.

  15. gorgeous pieces of pottery.Lovely photos and pretty crocheted squares...

  16. Very nice post all around, Lin :-)
    Love the pottery!, my weakness ;-)
    You made a lovely job of the scissors keeper; is it double sided like the needle book?
    And what a beautiful granny squares, you chose nice colours together. I would say grey rather than black for joining. I have just finished my latest (Frida's Flowers) blanket, but not posted it yet, so I am ready to start another one, will do the same as you, just make lots of squares first. I ordered the yarn, arrived ready for the weekend, but I have done something to my shoulder yesterday, so I can only look at it for now :-(

  17. Hi Lin, lovely to pop in to your blog and catch up on your news.
    I love your travel pics, amazing scenery as always.
    Beautiful stitching for your FNWF, what a gorgeous design & your stitching is so neat, of course!

  18. As a pisces myself, I have to say I also loved that pitcher. Beautiful yarns you're working with. I hope by now you've made it to a shop for some dark yarn.

  19. What a gorgeous new crochet project under way, love the bright happy colours and the scissor keep is lovely.

  20. Thanks for sharing the scenic photos with us! That looks like a grand place to visit and relax. Lovely stitching, and I’m amazed at how many crocheted squares you’ve finished. Soak up the sun for me, it’s snowing here with more coming ;-)

  21. Wow, what beautiful scenery you came across!


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