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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Friday Night Sew In

Last night it was time once again to join with Wendy for a stitchy evening with friends. Thank you Wendy for getting us together. Click on the link to see who else took part.

After a large lunch and a brisk walk I got down to getting this little bag (for a small person) finished. I had to attach the lining to the bag, add the straps and then the popper. Very happy with how it has turned out.

I used that large pink spot as the lining too.

Time to move to a seat by the fire - it has been a chilly few days here. I needed to finish embellishing this heart which is now ready to make into a lavender sachet, along with another one. Hopefully this afternoon!

I have had a busy week in my sewing space, nearly all of it I cant share for now! However, I think I am safe in showing this postcard.

I made an acrylic print onto brown wrapping paper, then when it was dry scrumpled it up. After a bit of smoothing it was pressed onto pelmet vilene with bondaweb and embellished with machine embroidery. Its a while since I made a post card so this was fun. I made two actually - similar but not the same! I love using this technique and have a few more - different designs - waiting to be made up.

Right! Now to get on with finishing those hearts and then hopefully a walk between showers. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. The little bag is darling. The last time I saw the crazy quilted/embellished sachet you made, I said I wanted to make one too. I forgot about it, but this reminds me. You have such good ideas!

  2. Lin, the wee pouch is adorable. I’m sure it will be a new treasure. Your heart embroidery and design is delightful. Well, except for the spider. Much too real looking for me. And your postcard is awesome. I love the idea of your technique. You have executed it beautifully.

  3. Cute little bag. Your embroidery heart is aMAZing!! I so love your work. Have a great weekend too. ;^)

  4. Lovely little bag, your lavender sachet is very pretty, the postcard is great too. Interesting technique.

  5. Hi there Lin. That's a very sweet little bag and will be loved for sure. The lavender sachet is quite gorgeous.
    I am so impressed by your technique with acrylic print on to paper for the postcard - its a beautiful creation. Cheers! xx

  6. Oh my! Your projects are all so interesting and beautifully made. You are very talented.

  7. What a sweet little bag. Your embroidery is beautiful. Well done on your lovely postcard xx

  8. That little bag is so cute, the little person will love it. Loving the pretty patchwork lavender bag. I saw some cute lavender bags made as little houses the other day which I am thinking of making. The postcard is super cool. I remember making paper tapa cloth with the kids at school one day using a print technique and then scrunching the brown paper we make it on to soften it like fabric. Great fun. The kids loved it. Loveseeing all the things you do.

  9. A lovely little bag ..
    Pretty heart and postcard too.

  10. Hi Lin what a cute bag your little person will love this.
    I also love your crazy patchwork heart these will make wonderful gifts.
    Boy love this postcard and i am intrigued with the stages,well done my friend on all your beautiful work xx

  11. Lovely variety of projects. The bag's fabric is gorgeous.

  12. The lavendar sachet is gorgeous -- love the beading you've added. Will make a great gift, very "heart"felt!

  13. You've had a very varied week, haven't you!

  14. Very cute little bag. The crazy patch heart is beautiful & the postcard is pretty. Hugs,xx

  15. Beautiful work, Lin!
    I’m sure the little person will love her new bag!
    I’ve been meaning to use brown paper in a project for some time, it was nice to see what can be done!
    Barbara xx

  16. The bag will be a great hit I'm sure... & I love the embellishing on the heart.
    Your postcard is wonderful...so creative...xox

  17. I love your varied creative projects! That bag will make a great gift for a special person. When you’re doing your embroidery, do you make it up as you go, or do you have a planned outcome? You do some lovely embroidery!

    Take care,

  18. The pink fabric of the sweet bag looks familiar, I think I have the same fabric in different colour in my stash, somewhere :-)
    You have been busy - lovely embroidery for the lavender bag, I like the dragonfly.
    The post card looks an interesting method, and the result is really nice too.

  19. Lin the picture in your header is magical - I just want to climb into it! Love the little bag, the heart, and the postcard is wonderful. Good job!!!


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