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Sunday, 1 December 2019


December 1st! So now I can get out my decorations.  And the Advent Calendar made it by the skin of my teeth. My makeshift day marker (modelling foam painted with gold acrylic) dried just in time.

Another finish for me this weekend is another round on my 1797 Revisited and if I am counting correctly then the next round is the last complete one!

I had nearly enough ultramarine fabric for this round so I have been able to get on with cutting and basting some of these while a batch of fabric dyes. However...

...today is the 1st of the month - BOM day, so decks have been cleared and my box of fabrics found all ready for the off later this afternoon following a visit to a Christmas market.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  1. Oh well done! Your “buckle” looks really special!
    Lovely that your calendar was finished in time!
    Nice to see another round of 1797!
    It’s chilly but dry and sunny, and we were out for a country walk yesterday, so, yes, it’s a super weekend!
    Barbara xx

  2. Sew good to be able to display your date on the Advent calender..
    Nice to be on the last round of 1797..
    Hope you had fun at the christmas market...

  3. I’m so glad to see your advent calendar hanging and doing it’s work. Now you have plenty of time to find the perfect buckle.

  4. Great solution for the hand-made buckle. It is perfect. Last round on 1797? You are getting so close to the end. It is so beautiful. ;^)

  5. Hi Lin i love your advent buckle it's an awesome idea and looks so nice ,you are doing so well on your 1797 well done,hole yo have a lovely day my friend xx

  6. Great buckle.... that advent calender is just lovely and well doen with another round... lots of pieces now it is bigger....
    Happy BOM day...


  7. LOVE your advent calendar. The buckle looks good....you can take your time now finding something you really like. 1797 is growing....we are on the homeward run Lin lol!

  8. I love your Advent calendar! And your 1797 is growing steadily and looking great.

    Have fun stitching,

  9. Wonderful advent calender, 1797 looks amazing.

  10. Your crosstitched Advent calendar is such a lovely idea. Great work on your 1797 quikt. Looks lovely.

  11. Looking forward to seeing your BOM,

  12. Just as well that acrylic dries so quickly, isn't it!


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