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Saturday, 19 September 2020

Friday Night Sew In

 Well the old blogger seems to have disappeared without trace now so here I am back with the new version. Lets hope I can remember what I learnt first time around!

Many thanks to Wendy for kindly hosting us from ICU - I do hope that all is going well for Mr B, Wendy. Click on the link above to see who else was taking part and catch up with what they were working on.

I received a couple of packs of these papers

as gifts with orders from Lina Patchwork a couple of years ago and have been meaning to make them up for some time. Now that my RSC Dresden project is coming to an end I thought that it was about time to try them out. So I pulled out some pretty fabrics and here is what I got up to on Friday.

They measure 4" at the widest point and I am wondering now if I could use this size to make a border for my Dresden quilt. So I am going to put them to one side until next month when I put all my Dresdens together to see if they would work.

The rest of my Friday was spent working on my tablecloth - nothing new or exciting to show you there though so I shall move swiftly on. This week I made more hexie flowers which are now winging their way down under

and a new little pouch for my handbag.

 It measures 5" x 2.5" x 1" and should have been a quick little make, however, the first zip I used I cut with the pull tab in the wrong place (where was my brain!) and then while cutting the second one also managed to snip the end on my forefinger, ouch. There were various bits of unstitching and I am not toally happy with the zip but it is doing the job I wanted it to do which is the main thing.

We spent 5 nights away in the Pyrenees last week which was a lovely break. Good to be out and about in the fresh air and seeing some stunning scenery - just a few photographs!

This last picture was taken from the window of our apartment. The buildings on the left are the Thermal Baths, closed for the last three years, which means the little town of Eaux Bonnes is sadly dying.

On our last day we visited friends who have recently moved to a town about two hours from where we were staying. After lunch we went to visit the Abbaye de l'Escaladieu. Once a busy Cistercian monastery, the buildings are now mostly ruins but there is some restoration work taking place.

There was an art exhibition in the grounds a lot of which did not appeal but the one thing that we all loved was this enormous tree stump!

It is completely hollow so you can see how it was made using thousand of pieces of wood and even more nails with lots of struts inside - annoyingly I didnt take a photograph! - and we all squeezed in through the narrow opening for a look.

So here I am at the end of my post and I have not thrown any toys anywhere! They have changed the labels system which was my main gripe and everything else seems quite straight forward.

So with my fingers crossed I shall press the publish button!


  1. Lin that is a beautiful variation on the hexie flower! Looking forward to seeing where you use them. Pretty little pouch and what beautiful French scenery. The little babbling brook photo is one of my favorites....looks so much like the valley where my parents grew up. And that tree stump is simply amazing! I wonder how old that tree was and can you imagine all the history it has seen?

  2. Love you little pouch, and your trip photos are amazing. Thanks for the tour of your country.

  3. 'Tis always a pleasure to gaze upon sweet hexies. =) Your sweet little hexdens will look fabulous kissing the border of your dresden plate quilt. What a picturesque and beautiful place you visited. I was struck by the thought of how beautiful quilts would look photographed with some of these vistas as a backdrop.

  4. Nice version of hexies you have made, love the pansies. Your trip away looked great, nothing better than a change of scenery. Huge beastie with a bell 😄 that tree stump is huge, interesting sculpture theme.

  5. Gosh that scenery sure IS stunning Lin. Your hexies are beautiful - just love them. I have been finding my way around the new blogger too ...gosh I just don't know why they have to change something that seemed to be working perfectly fine to me!! It drives me bonkers.

  6. Love those little hexies, Lin. So beautiful. And those scenery photos are amazing, such beautiful country. glad you were able to get away for your trip.

  7. Victory Lin, it worked a treat. Love your mini dresdens, what a sweet little gift to receive . Loved touring with you too....sadly talk is we won’t be able to travel overseas for at least 2-3 years so these snippets are wonderful to take us out of our little corner of the world. Thanks for joining in with FNSI. So glad to have you along xx sugary hugs :o)

  8. Hi Lin well done on your beautiful work and lovely gift and what a beautiful place to have a holiday glad you had a lovely time,take care and stay safe my friend xx

  9. love your little hexie flowers, very pretty fussy cutting on the red hexie flower, lovley pouch too.
    Such amazing scenery from your holiday snaps. How lucky you are to get out and about. We are still in stage four lockdown in Melbourne.

  10. Love your little flowers, they are pretty. Lovely photos of your time away. How sad that the town is dying away. The tree stump looks quite interesting. Hugs, xx

  11. Well, the "Publish" button worked - and now the Pyranees have moved higher up my "must see" list!

  12. Such sweet little dresdans be lovely to see what you do with them....
    I enjoyed visiting the pretty places with you.

  13. What a wonderful vacation. Lin, you always share such interesting things. I was wondering why the Thermal Baths have been closed for the last 3 years? Obviously not due to the pandemic for that long. Lovely hexies. Keep up the good work!

  14. Thank you for sharing lovely pictures of your trip, lovely scenery! We are still not brave enough to venture too far, specially since the R numbers are going up over here again :-(
    I too have "discovered" Lina's Patchwork a while back, handy for a selection of shapes.

  15. I love your ... rosettes! They are just gorgeous. I can't call it hexies because they don't have that shape and that makes them even more interesting. The regular hexies rosettes are awesome too. Love the pictures from your trip. Such a beautiful place. That tree stump looks as big as a house compared to the tree behind. It's amazing! ;^)

  16. you will soon be so used to the new version.... funny how we avoid change. thjose little flowers are fun and I love the pictures of your visit... its quite sad seeing the old buildings not being used.. they are beautiful

  17. Love the "flowers" you stitched. And a very beautiful place to visit.
    I'm hanging in with the NeW version too... after awhile I think we'll be OK with it. No choice really...xox

  18. Lovely new Dresdens and hexies. Great lottle zippy pouch too. I loved seeing your photos from your trip....the tree trunk is amazing and so life like x

  19. Pretty hexie flowers Lin, love the fabrics and the little pouch you made, always so useful. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  20. LOL - yes I think we are stuck with new blogger now!
    what stunning scenery -
    I love the round hexie shapes that you have - its a lovely change from the usual hexie shape.

  21. I don't know where the Pyrenees is, but it is now on my bucket list. I will have to google it! The photos are so so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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