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Sunday 3 April 2022

Friday Night with Friends....

 ....has come around very quickly again and April is here. Whoops, did someone say April! We have woken up to clear skies and a very white frost this morning, not April weather in my book.

Friday was a chilly, windy day and my plans for FNWFs changed somewhat. We had our new bathroom delivered in the morning all ready for installation starting on Monday. This is just half of it - the rest is in the garage.

Then off to the hairdressers - new to me as it was my first cut in UK for many years. Anyway I do seem to have struck lucky and have a nice cut so no traumas there.

Anyway, back to FNWFs and the best laid plans! 1st of the month and there is a new colour for RSC, so after lunch I popped out to my fabric stash which currently resides in the garage. And yes, there it was all safe and inaccessible behind the other half of the new bathroom! So I spent a happy hour fiddling round in my sketchbooks before we decided to go out for a drive.

It is lovely exploring round the narrow lanes of Somerset and we ended up at Nettlecombe where we stopped to look around this attractive little church.

Having no sewing prepped for the evening I pulled out my knitting and cracked on with the second lacy sock which is progressing nicely.

I am thinking that I will knit a hat next - the chilly wind here over the last few days meant that I pulled out a boring purchased black hat which could be replaced with something more interesting for next winter.

Many thanks to Cheryll for hosting us again this month and I will be back soon with some sewing updates.


  1. Those socks are such a pretty blue and the pattern so pretty. How exciting, a new bathroom! Such a fabulous church; it looks centuries old. Wouldn't it be lovely to walk up the stairs to look through the window at the top of the tower??

  2. Bet your looking forward to having your bedroom done!
    Lovely drive around and visiting the little church.
    Nice lacy sock and have fun knitting a new hat.

  3. Such a pretty sock. I'm sure you've mentioned the pattern earlier but I've forgotten it. A new bathroom is exciting but why must it cover up the scrap boxes? Because it can! Haha! Here's hoping all goes smoothly Monday!

  4. Good luck with the bathroom renovations. Beautiful stitches in the sock and I just love the colour. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. Good luck with your bathroom - and getting back to your fabric stash!
    cute sock - and I'm sure your hat will be lovely - neither of these are much use in Brisbane Queensland!

  6. I hope the new bathroom does not take too long. Changeable spring weather, I remember it well. Your lacy sock looks good.

  7. I always think of Somerset as warm, but of course at this time of year, nowhere in the UK is in the least reliable, weatherwise!

  8. oohh the yarn colour is gorgeous & the pattern looks very pretty.
    Good luck with the installation too...xox

  9. All very exciting, having a new stuff in the house :-) Lucky to have found a good hairdresser, how do the prices compare? (Good luck with the dentist!)
    Yes, it is cold again, but my garden is enjoying the rain, it is getting greener by the minute! xx

  10. Exciting having the bathroom getting renovated and a relief to find a hairdresser that suits you. YOur lovely socks are growing...

  11. Exciting to look forward to a new bathroom and your sketchbook a worthy replacement for your locked in sewing. Enjoyed your drive....thanks for sharing. Very pretty blue socks....hope Spring appears soon for you xx


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