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Thursday, 4 August 2022

A Quilty Day Out

 Having recently joined a local quilt group - Apple County Quilters, we are in Somerset, famous for it's cider - I was quick to sign up for a day trip to Cowslip Workshops. Cowslip is an hour and a half down the road from Taunton, through Devon and into Cornwall. The 16 seater mini coach was very comfortable and the time passed quickly with lots of chatter, as you would expect!

The main reason for visiting Cowslip was for a quilt exhibition by Flowerpatch Quilters so on arrival that was my first port of call.

Cowslip Workshops is based on a farm and the exhibition was held in a large barn. This was a very 
welcoming sight as we entered the barn.

There was lots of beautiful work on display - here are a few of my favourites.

This quilt was a lovely blue which sadly has not come out in the photograph. But it was, I think, my favourite.

I loved these apples - they appeared to be padded and the quilting around the border is the names of different apple varieties.

A few general views - the flower displays were gorgeous and a brilliant addition to the exhibition.

My next visit was to the embroidery exhibition.

A welcoming room full of gorgeous treasures - goldwork, whitework, embellished felting, crewelwork, patchwork etc etc.

Also on site was a cafe serving delicious lunches, cakes - of course - cream teas and more. An extremely well stocked patchwork shop stacked floor to ceiling with fabrics and masses of books and patterns. An overflow shop with pottery, sale fabric and Christmas fabrics plus a lovely lady making memory bangles. Lots to see and beautiful planting outside all the buildings. Oh yes, and round the corner a vintage/reclamation shop full of lovely things.

And yes, I did shop! Some needles, those non slip things to put on the back of quilting rulers and having been pointed in the direction of a large collection of script fabric, a nice piece to add to my diminishing collection.

A jolly nice day out!


  1. Looks like a lovely display, thanks for taking us along.

  2. what a fun day out Lin and so much to see. That 365 quilt pattern is still available!!!???? you can do it! I love those days looking at other works...

  3. What wonderful day out and such a gorgeous place! Thank you for sharing those beautiful quilts! A couple of my friends did the 365 days challenge....amazing commitment and quilts! Such a beautiful setting for all that gorgeous stitching. I hope you enjoy your new quilting group xx

  4. Hello Lin ... my apologies for having been unable to comment on your posts - our computer crashed & although I could read blogs on my phone - I couldn't comment unfortunately. You have been busy & I love your churn dash blocks in your last post. This looks like such a fun outing to such a beautiful place ... it would've been right up my alley too. xx

  5. What a beautiful display of quilts. All the added props really give the quilts that homey feel that we love so much about a quilt. I can just imagine the joyful day it was!

  6. I would certainly agree that that was a jolly good day out. I just loved seeing all those beautiful quilts and what great ideas. Like quilting the names of the apples around the edge of the Apples quilt. And so many other designs that are rather new to me. Thank you so much for sharing all of these, Lin!

  7. Sounds like a day right up my alley too! So much to see, admire, and take in. I'll bet you slept like a log that night! I know I would have.

  8. What a wonderful outing! Everything about it looks charming.

  9. What a lovely place to visit. The long trip was well worth it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love to see all the quilts. The blue 365 challenge reminds me that I should finish mine. It's sitting in the quilting queue. The red and green with lots of circles is my fav one. ;^)

  10. It is always a fascination to me to see just how varied patchwork can be!

  11. Wow what a great display thanks for sharing......... Sounds like a great day out......


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