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Saturday 6 August 2022

Friday Night with Friends - August!

 That first Friday of the month has arrived very quickly again. Lovely to be sewing with friends and thank you Cheryll for getting us together. You can see what everyone was up to here 

First up I finished these two little Churn Dash blocks.

Then I thought I would crack on and add them to the first two and you can just see the result here - unpressed and in use as a table for basting my RSC Dresdens.

This months RSC colour is orange but I don't need orange, I need brown, hence little brown petals being basted. A good afternoon and evening's work I felt.

Today we have been to the Taunton Flower Show and spent a few enjoyable hours wandering round the many stalls and tents. Lots of beautiful flowers and veg in the competition marquee and a small craft section. I am not going to bombard you with pictures as I only took 2, but I thought this needle book was gorgeous!

The embroidery on it was stunning. Unfortunately I didn't get a close up.

These two stumpwork items also caught my eye - lots of lovely work had gone into these.

Right, I am off to cook some dinner and then I shall be cracking on with those Dresdens. Have a good week.


  1. To say your Churn Dash blocks are small is an understatement. Seeing them with the dresden pieces makes me realize how small they are. Wow! Angela used to call brown as a RSC colour but she doesn't anymore so any month can be brown month. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. I love your pretty dresdens.... Its so fun looking at craft shows and seeing the amazing work of embroiderers..... a happy few hours can be spent...

  3. You DID have a good night's work Friday night. The churn dash blocks are beautiful. I'm quite envious of the needlebook. The embroidery on it is gorgeous.

  4. A good productive night. Beautiful embroidery work.

  5. Love your churndash blocks. They are so pretty. Some lovely embroidery and stump work in the pics. There are some very talented people around.

  6. Nice job you have done - enjoy the summer...strolling through a small craft market is just lovely.
    I'm sewing linen trousers right now :-)) Joy.
    Greetings from Viola

  7. Goodness, you get a wonderful variety of work at your show! The last time I went to one, there was a lot of knitted acrylic and some very ordinary patchwork, nothing like what I see online now - for someone who loves embroidery, and finds it very expressive, that was disappointing. I feel it might be worth risking another visit!

  8. Nice little churns.... What size blocks are for making did

  9. Those little pastel floral churn dash blocks are absolutely lovely. They evoke a more innocent and sweet time. Well done!

  10. Those churn dash blocks are absolutely stunning Lin. Just adore the fabrics you are using. xx


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