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Tuesday, 22 November 2022


 Watchet is one of our favourite  coastal towns to visit and being just 15 miles away is one of the closest.  The town itself is over 1000 years old with the harbour being used for trade over many centuries. Now it is a pleasure marina.

I took the opportunity to try out my new camera and had lots of fun 'zooming' around!

I have to say the zoom is pretty amazing! In the middle of this picture on the horizon there is an island - Steep Holm.

Here is Steep Holm taken from the same spot on the harbour wall with my zoom

and the Welsh coast

and the new reactor at Hinkley Point.

Note the blue sky in the above pictures - this was the view looking in to Watchet

Fortunately the rain took it's time in arriving.

The macro also works well

and you can't beat a bit of rust!

Yankee Jack (the statue lol) keeps an eye on the marina.

There are several gift shops in Watchet, all well stocked with quality local crafts and we came away with a few Christmas presents - we could be back again soon!


  1. Amazing zoom! It's better than some binoculars. You're gonna have so much fun with it I'm sure. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. What a pretty town that is Lin ... & right on the seaside too. Just lovely. xx

  3. Lovely pictures - impressed with the zoom. I love just ambling around the villages there...

  4. It sounds as if you enjoyed a wonderful day catching all the sights of Watchet with your new camera, Lin. I'm with you re the rust; I'm rather partial to it myself

  5. You are lucky to be so close to the coast. I still prefer to use my camera for taking pictures.

  6. Thank you for taking me on another outing. Your picture are great.

  7. What fun to go somewhere lovely and play with your new camera!

  8. Great photos with your new camera!

  9. Wonderful photos with your new camera Lin, looks like a great day out.

  10. How clever to be sewing a pouch. I wish I could do that. Meanwhile, great photos especially the last one. And do you mind saying what kind of camera you got that can do macro as well?

  11. Watchet looks well worth a trip - and a proper exercise for the new camera!

  12. Now that is what I call a Zoom. What a pretty place to visit.


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