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Saturday 5 November 2022

FNwF's November

 It's been a showery wet week here but Friday was dry and sunny and so we headed out for the day. We drove along the north Somerset coast to Porlock a pretty little village on Exmoor. Lots of small shops to look around and the home of Miles Tea and Coffee so Philip was able to stock up on his favourite teas.

The church of St Dubricius, dating from the 13th century, was unusual and interesting to look around.

This little stairway took you to the entrance to the Chapel of the High Cross.

These stairs were a little more tricky!

But fortunately the chapel was not far away

This is the 15th century monument to John and Elizabeth Harrington. He fought with Henry Vth in France and sadly died there.

We enjoyed coffee accompanied by scones with clotted cream and wortleberry jam in the Wortleberry Tea Rooms before moving on into Exmoor. Our next stop was Robbers Bridge - narrow and approached at an angle from both directions! - and I loved the moss covered trees nearby.

Exmoor was looking beautiful with all the autumn colour.

After our day out all I felt like doing in the evening was watching TV with some mindless knitting. I finished this sock up to the toe - not sure yet which colour to knit the toe, it will depend on how much wool is left. And made a start on the next sock. Most of that rib though was done this morning while watching England beat Sri Lanka in the T20 cricket - sorry Australia!😊

Many thanks Cheryll for hosting our FNwFs - pop over here to see who else took part.

Happy stitching.


  1. Your country is so full of history. Thank you for taking us along your outings. Love this little chapel. Those stairs ... Wow! Travelling back in time. Love the Robbers Bridge too. Leafy light green against the dark moss onto of the red leaf carpet is so interesting. I don't understand how come the leaves are red yet in the trees they are light green. It so contradictory to me but they are still wonderful photos. ;^)

  2. I have to ask: what is the animal at Elizabeth's feet? I can't figure it out.

  3. You are so lucky living in the UK with all the wonderful historical sites to visit. I remember a few of those stairs in a few places I was fortunate to visit . I loved seeing the wear where centuries of people had placed their feet. That door is a beauty, another fav of mine .. old doors lol. Such a beautiful chapel. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I always enjoy your "tours" of your country. I almost feel like I'm there. Maybe one day. Glad you weren't too tired to knit. I'm sure it was the perfect way to unwind for the evening.

  5. A lovely day, and a busy one too!

  6. Beautiful lush countryside and some crafting at the end of the day.....just perfect I say.

  7. Thank you for taking us on a wonderful day out... and of course it's lovely having your company at FNwF too...xox

  8. Thanks for the interesting photos... it's wonderful that you were also able to visit the high chapel. What great buildings churches are.
    Fantastic landscape :-))
    Have fun knitting socks... will be needed soon, the socks...

  9. What a lovely day out. I love the moss covered trees.

  10. Exmoor does look lovely. It's rather a distance from here, but one of these days...

  11. You have been visiting lovely places!


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