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Monday 13 May 2024

I made another book!

 I thought that another zig zag book would make a great holiday sketchbook and so having purchased a large sheet of nice quality paper I set to. And this time I remembered a few in progress shots.

First up I folded the paper down to the size that I wanted for my book. I then randomly printed each side with some simple sponge shapes and acrylic paint. I used blue and yellow as I am hoping for plenty of both those colours while we are away! Here you can see the two sides which I remembered to photograph after I had cut them so you can see here how to make the cuts.

I wanted my book landscape but if you wanted a portrait book then you would just make the three cuts from the other two sides.

Having folded my book I then set to dealing with the awkward bits and made pockets out of the two that face upwards.

These will be useful for storing bits and bobs while I am working on the book and will be handy for postcards, tickets or other collected bits.

The awkward bit in the centre faces downwards but there were conveniently placed circles on each side

which I cut around to make windows.

I will be able to stick something interesting behind these before I sew up the base and side.

I had a rifle through my folder of odd bits of paper for something to cover the two end boards and found these which I thought fitted the theme.

They are crumpled brown paper which I have 'cleaned up' my print roller on at some time and then over painted. These bits will always find their moment to shine.

Anyway, I covered the end boards, glued them in place and voila! one finished book.

Summer came to visit briefly last week so I took the opportunity of taking some garden pictures - just as well as we are back to wind and rain today.

Also last week my quilt group - Apple County Quilters - had an open day which was very successful. Having no idea how many would come we were pleasantly surprised by how many people turned up - and by how much they spent of the sales table! It was a bit of a squeeze in a small village hall but we put on a good and varied display of quilts large and small, with the odd bit of knitting thrown in for good measure.

Well, that was a long one! Thanks for making it this far. Have a good week.


  1. Your flowers are lovely! The guild quilt show/sale looks like a good one, glad it went well. Happy stitching!

  2. Your book is just beautiful Lin ... as is your garden!! The hall looks wonderful & a great array of very talented quilters displaying their works of art. I love the colour they have painted the walls in the hall - looks so fresh & pretty. xx

  3. so fun seeing how you do your book... are you going on a holiday? The garden is looking very pretty, I love those tiny bells in the big leaves. Great that hand made is so much more appreciated and that your group had good support....

  4. That looks like a great exhibition - I'm so glad it went well!

  5. Thank you for the show and tell...lovely work by you all. Love your book...perfect for a holiday sketch book. Thanks for sharing your process in making it. Your garden is beautiful. Wish I lived close enough to "borrow" some of your pretty leaves for some printing *wink xx

  6. great set up for your quilt group exhibition.
    your garden looks lovely. Looking forward to what will fill the pages of your zig zag book

  7. You always have such interesting things to share, Lin. Love these books you are making...how clever! What beautiful bloom you have in your garden!

  8. Lots of lovely blooms in your garden.
    Another great book you made.
    Such a beautiful display your quilt group had and always nice to have some sales too.


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