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Friday 2 November 2012

Another Mystery!

Earlier this year I made this mystery quilt from the Quilters Guild magazine 2000/2001. The reason I am sharing this with you now is that finally, today! the quilt was hung on the wall behind our bed, the place it was intended for.
At the time I had a large collection of grey, black and white fabrics which I needed to use and this seemed like the perfect project.
 The clues for this quilt were given over 9 months - three issues of the magazine and at the time I was busy with other projects and so it got forgotten about. There was another MQ in 2004 and again in 2009.
In 2009 I thought, why not have a go? I encouraged a friend to join in and over the next year we independently made our quilts giving each other no clues about colours or how we were getting on. At the end we were both very pleased with the results -
this is mine.
We soon followed up with the quilt from 2004 -
again, this is my version.
So of course, the original MQ from 2000 had to follow.

The Jack of Hearts MQ is very different.
Organised by Heather Spence Designs, the aim was to raise funds to help with the medical bills of a little boy called Jack who has a brain tumour. Amazingly 330 people have signed up and Heather has raised 3,300 dollars.
The clues have been coming one a week - today was clue no 5 - next week is the last one.
Everyone was invited to join a MQ facebook page and it has been great following every ones choices of fabrics, their results after each clue and lots of chat and fun along the way.
 I have really enjoyed following all the MQ's  - it is interesting to see how your choices of fabric woks out and also making something that you may not have considered doing.
Thank you for reading this - until next time


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