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Saturday, 17 November 2012

FNSI - November

Got lots of quilting done yesterday evening. Decided to try out the Clover 'Black Gold' quilting needles that I bought at the K&S. I used the No10 which is the size I had been using on my quilt ( a betweens). The tips of my fingers on my left hand can vouch for the fact that this is a very sharp needle! However, the body of the needle felt chunkier and not so easy to pull through the fabric. When I put the two needles side by side it is obvious that the black one is much thicker - also the eye is smaller and more difficult to thread.
The blurb on the packaging says that they will not bend easily which, being much thicker, is probably true. Also that they have 'enhanced rust resistance'. I shall persevere and we shall see.
After an evening and a half of use I am finding it easier to use but I am still to be convinced that they are worth the extra cost.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this Lin, I read about them when I was browsing the books at the swanky quilt shop on Friday, and thought I might try some.

    I think I'll stick to my usual ones.

  2. Hi Lin I am not much of a hand quilter but thanks for sharing your experience with these needles. Its always good to share info like this. :)

  3. Lin, I hope your fingers recover soon, that sounds uncomfortable!
    Hand quilting is the one crafty thing that I am too scared to try learning...


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