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dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Jack of Hearts MQ clue 5

The blocks were sewn into rows for clue 5, complete, but a week late. Clue no 6 arrived before I had made a start on 5! Have now sewn the rows together - in the correct order and not as shown - now for the borders!
Lots to do though and I am still busy quilting my flying geese which has to be completed for Christmas, so a priority.
It's looking very autumnal here now - lots of colour in the trees and was hoping to get out with my camera but time has just disappeared again.
Have a good week.

10 commentaires:

Accroquilt a dit…

Hello Lin!
I like very much mystery quilt. Your quilt has nice colors. Hope to see the finish quilt soon!

Karen a dit…

Wow! I LOVE it!

FleurBleue a dit…

The blocks have a sort of retro look about them.

It's going to be fab when it's finished.

Lin a dit…

Thank you Celine - hope to get the top finished soon but the quilting will have to wait for next year. Your DJ blocks are looking lovely!

Lin a dit…

Thank you Karen.

Lin a dit…

Thank you - I am sort of wishing I had done the other version (this was the advanced and there was a beginners which I think I prefer)but I am loving it and I am still pleased with my fabric choices

Denise Barrett a dit…

Lin, thank you for stopping by my blog. Also, I am now following you on your blog page. I'm enjoying seeing the projects you are working on--they are awesome! Beautiful work!

I've also noted that you have lived in France for 17 years. Where did you live before that? I was born in Fountainbleau, France myself but have lived in the US most of my life.

Anthea a dit…

Hi Lin
I love the colours you are using for this, who ever would have thought they would go together, but they do!

Lin a dit…

Thank you for visiting Anthea and for commenting. I love the fabrics - dashed into a shop that was selling all it's patchwork fabrics at half price - two were my choice and one my husbands! I am really pleased with the way they have worked out.

Lin a dit…

Thank you Denise for visiting and yyour comments.