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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


We are in UK again and today we have visited one of my favourite places - Beer! For those who do not know, Beer is a small fishing village on the South Devon coast in the SW of England.

Beer cove is home to lots of brightly coloured fishing boats,

and their paraphernalia!

Beer is also a very popular tourist spot as you can see by the rows of deckchairs placed ready.

Sadly, the weather was just not quite good enough!
But on a fine day, the small cafe huts in amongst the beach huts do a roaring trade - pots of tea on trays to take back to your deckchair and plates of locally caught crab sandwiches are traditional fare.
No sand on this beach only pebbles which is why you can see the rubber walkways to make life easier.

I have always loved this row of cottages which look out to sea.

I imagine being warm and cosy inside one of these pebble fronted cottages watching a raging storm through the window.

We have an exciting trip planned for tomorrow and you will never guess what it is! I am afraid you will have to wait for my next post to find out.

Meanwhile I am going to settle down for an evening of sewing 2" four patch squares - more later.

Happy sewing until next time



  1. what a pretty spot, we always find your beaches a little odd as we only have sandy beaches.
    those cottages are gorgeous!
    happy stitching and look forward to you filling us in on your little trip

  2. Oh Lin! I will remember this name. I want to be there too. Have a nice week!

  3. A lovely post Lin, I think I would be very happy in Beer. Tea by the sea sounds good to me! I too love the row of cottages and look forward to your next adventure.

  4. Thank you Lin for the lovely pictures. I would love to visit Beer some day. I have to look it up on the map. I also love the row of cottages.

  5. Hi Lin thanks for sharing what a lovely place. I have only ever been to Devon once many year ago but it is a gorgeous place. Enjoy your trip. x

  6. Oh wow Lin, these pics are just gorgeous, like postcards! I love the cottages too, and chairs all in lines. What a great name for the village! x

  7. I read the title and thought you'd been catching up on some traditional UK ales! I know parts of Devon well - but I've never been to Beer. It looks lovely.


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