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samedi 20 avril 2013

Cardiff and Dr Who

We had a great day out on Wednesday when we went to Cardiff Bay to see the Dr Who Experience!

Cardiff Bay, once known as Tiger Bay was Cardiff's dockland area. It had a multi-ethnic population of sailors and dockworkers from around the world. Until the Cardiff Barrage was completed in 1999 the harbour had a tidal range of up to 14 meters but now is a freshwater lake and the 8 miles of waterfront have been transformed into a tourist and leisure area. It is also home to the Welsh Assembly and the Wales Millenium Centre.
The BBC have studios nearby where Dr Who and Casualty are currently filmed. Torchwood and Upstairs Downstairs have also been filmed there.

The first half of the Dr Who Experience includes a ride in the Tardis, extermination by Daleks and a stunning 3d presentation. This is followed by a display of costumes, monsters including of course Daleks, and information about the filming and history of the show.

This Dalek in the Foyer is my height - about 5'6" and made entirely from Lego!

 The Pierhead and Bay

Norwegian Church and cultural centre

Wales Millenium Centre

The Water Tower outside the Wales Millenium Centre, also known as The Torchwood Tower!

When we drove past the tower the water was switched on and the tower looked stunning with a constant stream of water running down it's stainless steel sides. However by the time we had parked and walked back to it the water had been turned off as the wind was too strong. However, I think the tower looked just as stunning with the reflections of the other buildings around.

A great day out and I can recommend Cardiff Bay for a visit - hopefully you will have better weather!


4 commentaires:

  1. Hi Lin I am not a big Dr Who fan but I have to say that exhibition looks amazing. I like the reflections of the building in the glass. :)

  2. Very interesting, thank you for sharing.

  3. lovely tour of Cardiff Bay.
    Love all the Dr's outfits. Not a fan but I remember the show when I was young I used to watch it.

  4. Oh thank you for sharing Lin. When we lived in Wiltshire we loved to drive over to Wales for the day and we'd call at Cardiff Bay on the way home especially for the 'Torchwood Tower' but, of course the Dr Who Experience wasn't there then. I'm not sure I should show your post to my husband and daughter - I'm sure they'll want to visit and it's no longer a day trip for us from the US!!!


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