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lundi 29 avril 2013

Another Mystery

Heather Spence is organising another Mystery Quilt which I have signed up for. This time she is raising money to help Wyatt who is 3 years old and is having long term treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Click the pink button on the right to find out more about Heather's Mystery Quilts.

I am running behind as the first clue came out whilst we were in UK but I have all my fabrics

which have an oriental flavour to them, and I have now cut out and machined together clue #1. Not pressed yet so I cannot show you a photo but I will post one as soon as I have a chance to get the iron out. I have two more clues to do to catch up - #4 comes out on Friday but I doubt if they will be done by then.

While we were away I was browsing in a small haberdashery in Burnham on Sea when I came across a small basket of exquisite, wood turned objects which turned out to be thimble holders. There were several styles but the one I fell in love with and had to have was this beautiful acorn.

They were made by a gentleman called Roy Bruce and as the ladies in the shop could tell me nothing about him except that he is 'local' I was hoping I might find him on the internet but unfortunately not.

Well, it is raining again here - two days of warmth last week followed by two frosts and now rain. What a change.

Best wishes


5 commentaires:

marina a dit…

lovely fabrics for your mystery quilt.
your little thimble holder is adorable. what wonderful craftsmanship. I wouldn't have left it behind either.

Karen a dit…

Love the acorn thimble holder! And, a mystery with an oriental flavour, I do like that.

Susan a dit…

Hi Lin that thimble holder is simple gorgeous. Good luck with your mystery quilt and prayers and thoughts for the little boy x

Paula a dit…

Hi Lin what a beautiful fabrics you have there for your mystery quilt. And for such a good cause. Lovely.
I like that thimble holder - so cute.

Judy a dit…

Hi Lin, those look like great fabrics to work with and the idea of a mystery quilt sounds like a lot of fun!
What a neat find of the hand turned acorn. I'll have to show the photo to my husband.
Take care,