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Monday 2 December 2013

A postcard and a Book Cover

I have been enjoying a bit of simple machine embroidery.

This card for my dear friend Mad started out as a piece of black felt with pieces of sweet wrapper bondawebed to it. They were machined around and then the piece was covered with a sheer fabric and free machined into place. I then went over it with a heat gun so that some of the sheer fabric was melted away. At this point it looked interesting but it needed something else! So I played around with some of  the stitches my machine produces using a different shiny or silky thread each time to produce a rich, glitzy card.

Having enjoyed playing around with my machine I decided to use a similar technique for a book cover.

This time I started with white felt which I coloured with disperse dye. I then added a few strands of sparkly angelina, covered it with a sheer fabric and ironed it in place. Then came the fun, with lots of stitching using different threads and stitches. Finally I stitched a spiral to emphasise the doily print that I had used originally onto the felt.

The felt was then backed with cotton before I made up the book cover adding a marker ribbon at the same time.

This is the back of the book.

Our weather has changed now and we are getting cold, frosty nights with bright, sunny days - lovely. We have been having the most amazing sunsets every evening. Here are a few pictures from a few evenings ago.

Well, I have finally finished all my sewing for Christmas - next on the agenda is a good clean and tidy of my workspace! More on this soon.

Have a good week and thank you for dropping by.



  1. Hello Lin,

    Ooh these are stunning. I have a project that uses Angelina, haven't been game enough to use it. Your creations are inspiring.
    Oh and those sunsets, at certain times of the year we are truly blessed to end the day like this.

    Happy days.

  2. Hi Lin wow what stunning sun sets. Love the book cover. :)

  3. Very creative postcard and book covers ! Love those sunsets , they would make great landscape quilts :-)

  4. My card is absolutely beautiful! And even more vivid and brilliant than in the pic! Thank you Lin, card following.... Mad

  5. Hello Lin, you sure do inspire with all your beautiful creations. I love the card and I love even more the book cover, it is absolutely gorgeous. The sunset, what can I say, I have no words. Like Sheila writes they would make a great landscape quilts.

  6. Your postcard and book cover are beautiful Lin, and those sunsets are incredible!


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