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Monday 14 July 2014

An Exhibition and a Postcard

I finally received the second of my Canada Day swap cards last week. Unfortunately the sender was given the wrong postcode so it has had a journey round the Dordogne!

Here is my lovely card

It was sent by Heather McArthur who sadly does not have a personal blog. It is the first postcard that Heather has made and she has done a super job - I hope you make lots more Heather.
Heather is the editor of Quilters Connection Magazine the only quilters magazine in Canada. Have a look at the website and blog - there are lots of interesting things there.


On Friday afternoon I went to a Patchwork, Embroidery and Lace exhibition about an hour north of here at Nontron.
There were lots of lovely things to look at and to buy although I did resist!
Here are some general views of the exhibition.

Here is a picture of my favourite quilt which was made by the president of the association
 Mme de Rauglaude

I also like the way that she is putting this hexagon quilt together

with each of the rosettes lined and finished off separately.


And finally - at last I have managed to add a signature to the bottom of my blog!! My very grateful thanks to the amazingly patient Erin and her beautify your blog series.

Have a great week.


  1. Beautiful quilts and it looks like they were in a very interesting building as well:)

  2. Hi Lin the Patchwork adn Lace exhibition looks great. Heathers card is fab I wonder if she will have the fabric postcard bug X:)

  3. What a lovely environment for the exhibition and there were some gorgeous quilts on display. Were any of them stitched on a machine?
    I'm glad Erin's info proved useful (it has been a good series) and I'm admiring the new signature!

  4. perhaps you have another hooked on making fabric postcards.

    looks like a wonderful exhibit you attended.

  5. Wonderful postcard from Heather and thanks for sharing the exhibits , just wonderful :-)

  6. Wow, what an amazing venue for a quilt show! And that postcard is really lovely. Well done To Heather. :-).

  7. Great postcard from Heather and what an awesome quilt show that must have been. Love the hexie.

  8. lovely postcard.
    great display, must admit I am very partial to the beautiful hexie flower garden quilt.

  9. What an amazing result from the first postcard attempt! Beautiful!

    The exhibit looks great... love the hexy quilt

  10. Beautiful postcard from Heather. Before we know it she will have a blog filled with fabric postcards for us to admire, I'm sure.
    Very interesting exhibition, I love that hexagon. Thanks for sharing.
    Yes... I like your signature, very smart.


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