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mardi 29 juillet 2014


Is what I seem to have been doing lately - small, easy projects, a bit here and a bit there. I have three larger projects that seem to be hanging on a bit so I am aiming to get them all finished off this week.

First up was this embroidered bag which I almost finished earlier this year.

I had decided that it needed a tassel on the bottom so I ordered some thread and then it got forgotten.

Anyway, last week, out came these delicious threads

and with the addition of some beads from my stash, made this tassel.

Which I have now added to the bag.

Great. One finish for the week and it looks good hanging from the bottom of my new postcard hangar too.

Hope you manage a finish or two this week.

12 commentaires:

Judy a dit…

That's really quite cool!! I love how you made that tassel and it looks quite classy on the bag. Lovely work.

Mary Ann a dit…

Wow that tassel is wonderful. You are so talented:)

Jeito Mineiro de Ser a dit…

Este pingente para o acabamento ficou ótimo! Caimento perfeito!
Um abraço!

This pendant to finish was great! Perfect fit!

Sheila a dit…

Just gorgeous Lin. What an elegant tassel , perfect for such a pretty bag , great finish !

Fiona a dit…

How pretty... it may be small but it certainly doesn't look easy... so much detail in there .. just beautiful...

Susan a dit…

Wow! that tassle is stunning as is the bag. Such a talented lady you are Lin X:)

Paula a dit…

Gorgeous tassel and so perfect for that lovely bag. I do admire your embroidery, just beautiful.

marina a dit…

wow Lin,
your embroidery onthe little bag looks amazing and theat beaded tassel is gorgeous.
love the dragon fly!

Anonyme a dit…

Lin that tassel is perfect to finish your bag off - how about a tassel tutorial, I'd love to learn how to make one with beads on it!

Bev C a dit…

Hello Lin,

Oh I like how you fiddled with the bag, the tassel is so lovely, the chosen threads look so soft. I too noticed the Dragonfly on your bag.

Happy days.

Heather a dit…

Your bag is lovely. The beading on the tassel is a terrific detail. i like the dragon fly that you added on the bag. It will look great on your spring coloured crazy quilt block that I saw in an earlier post.

Zenia Rene a dit…

Oh the time it must have taken to make the tassel! What a work of art!