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Friday 4 July 2014

Storm damage, a lovely postcard and le Grand Depart

It's been a busy week - not sure why but there you are, there always seems such a lot do do!

Last Saturday evening we had a tremendous storm here, short but very harsh. Lashing rain, a strong west wind and large lumps of hail that had me thinking the front door was going to give way.

When we ventured outside into the brilliant sunshine that oftens follows a storm this is what we found.

Our beautiful willow had been destroyed. The really sad thing is that we grew this willow from a branch that was broken off our original willow that was blown over in 'le tempete' at the end of 1999.

Fortunately the falling branch caused no damage but it has taken us a while to clear the debris and we now have a pile of logs drying out to use in our log burner and plenty of kindling.

I also found this in the garden

and sadly nearby two dead baby birds identified by my resident bird expert as baby jays. Casting our eyes around we spotted this

two more baby jays! They were huddled up together in the grass at the base of a tree. Had they got there themselves or had their mother pushed them there? They were not there the next day and we just hope that they fledged.


In my post box this week was this lovely 'vintage' card from Susan

Super fabric offcuts collaged together. I am displaying it with this ATC that Susan sent me last week

as they go beautifully together.

 Two lovely swaps Susan - thank you very much.


And finally, this is the weekend of le Grand Depart, this year from Yorkshire. Janice in Caunes also of Hebden Bridge has a lovely blog post here with lots of great photographs of all the preparations and decorations in Yorkshire - do go and have a look.

Hope you all have a great weekend - despite much time wasted spent playing with blogger I still have not managed a signature! Maybe one day.

Lin xx


  1. I am always amazed at the damage storms can do... glad you are safe... and lovely cards...

  2. Hi Lin glad it arrived safely. Sorry to read about your poor Willow tree. I to hope those little jays flew away bless them. X:)

  3. Tempestades são aterradoras. Elas nos mostram como somos indefesos para as fúrias da natureza. Oh, que pena o salgueiro... vocês vão plantar um galho dele?
    Bonitos cartões você recebeu! Fui visitar o blog da Susan. Ela faz um trabalho muito interessante!
    Espero que a próxima semana seja mais tranquila.
    Um abraço!

    Storms are terrifying. They show us how we are defenseless to the furies of nature. Oh, what a pity Willow ... you will plant a branch of it?
    Cute cards you received! I went to visit Susan's blog. She does a very interesting job!
    I hope that next week will be quieter.

  4. Hello Lin,

    Now you can make cricket bats with the willow tree! It is annoying when trees come down, all those years of growing.
    Love that postcard. So glad those little birds were safe.

    Happy days.

  5. Hi Lin, sorry about the Willow, It must have been a very bad storm. Hope that the babies birds are save, they are so cute. I love that vintage card from Susan, it is really pretty. (My postcards are still in my head).
    Hope you have a good week.

  6. I'm sorry about your tree, that must have been a sad discovery, especially since you planted it. I hope that the baby birds made it okay.

  7. The storm must of been fierce to down q huge willow tree. Very sad indeed.. I am sure it made a huge crashed, lucky no one was injuried.. Your post card is lovely.
    Hugs Judy

  8. Sorry to hear about the severe storm and the damage it caused. Glad that your home was okay. Very nice looking postcard and atc :) Thx for the link, will check it out.


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