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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dorset Posies and a stitch sampler (TAST)

Well, my final finish for the week hit a technical problem! so when my new copy of STITCH arrived I was easily sidetracked.

The little Dorset Posies on the front cover instantly caught my eye and I had to have a go. They are based on Dorset buttons - and I have made a few of those in the past so for me this was quite straight forward. If you don't know Dorset buttons then there are masses of images on the internet and information on how to make them.
This was my first effort.

Not easy to photograph as that green is very dark. But my main aim was to make something small enough to be able to use with my crazy patchwork and so my next efforts were much smaller.

The two larger posies are worked on brass curtain rings. The smallest posy is worked on the little coloured ring that comes at the base of an electric toothbrush brush. I have used these successfully before for Dorset buttons but the tension of the posy caused the ring to to become oval. Not a problem unless you actually need a round posy. So the next smallest was worked on a metal ring salvaged from an old bra. This worked a treat and will be the one that I add to my summer crazy block.

I have started working a crazy band sampler to try out stitches for my other work and also to work TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) stitches from Pintangle. So the tiniest posy found a place between my samples of closed herringbone which is this weeks TAST stitch.

And here is my sampler so far.

We are driving south to the Pyrenees tomorrow for a weekend at the Marciac Jazz Festival - I hope you all have a good weekend.


  1. Simply gorgeous Lin , you are so talented ! Enjoy your trip :-)

  2. those are beautiful... and so delicate (if I see lots of them I will know you have taken all the straps off your bra's!!!!)

  3. spectacular Lin,
    love those little dorset buttons and your new block is wonderful.
    Such amazing stitching!

  4. Very cute and such a good idea to use them on your crazy patchwork:) I was taught to make Dorset buttons when I was a little. I have an online friend whose great grandmother was one of the last Dorset button makers in the 1850's-60's.

  5. Lin, these are soooo cute, I will try to get this book onto my Christmas list.
    Great stitching!

  6. Your embriodery work is stunning as ever. You must have the patience of a saint to do such tiny work. The buttons are amazing x

  7. I had not heard of these before and they are just beautiful - well at least yours are! And how resourceful you are .... an old bra?? This is what our creativity drives us to! xCathy

  8. Amazing as always. Love the Dorset buttons.

  9. Simply gorgeous darling Thankyou for sharing


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