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Monday, 18 August 2014

FNSI for August

I am a bit late with posting this - we have had a busy weekend!

First of all though, thank you to Wendy for hosting us despite a busy week and amazingly finding time to shop for a prize too!

I had a couple of free hours on Friday afternoon so my first task was to work on these

monoprints on brown paper that I had made the day before.

First job was to give them a jolly good scrunching

then I painted them all over with procion ink.

Fortunately it was a sunny afternoon so they soon dried. Now they await the next stage - maybe today!

Next up was some work on a little case I am making for my crazy stencils.

I added the finishing touches to the silk ribbon flowers - they still need a pearl but I will leave that till the end - then the little buttons that I found on a stall last weekend at Marciac. I do think they look rather like three eared cats but I like them anyway. Last up was the zig zag chain which is now ready for embellishment.

A few weeks ago Wendy (FNSI Wendy) mentioned that she had bought a set of cutters for making hexagon papers - you can read her post here. I have for sometime been wanting to make some half inch hexies but couldn't find anywhere selling ready cut papers without extortionate postage and really did not fancy cutting the papers myself. So this sounded like a brilliant option and an order went off.

Just by the way - the same cutter from the same supplier (USA) cost almost twice as much from Amazon France as it was from Amazon UK! The French really do pay a premium for their quilting supplies, no wonder everything is so expensive in the shops here.

Anyway, the cutter arrived this week and it works a treat. Many thanks Wendy for putting me on to this.

I have in past posts mentioned one of my favourite fabric suppliers - Strawberry Fayre. I have been buying fabric from them for over 30 years and their service is excellent.

One of the main reasons that I like them is that once a year they send out packs of fabric samples which means that you can sit and play with them to select combinations that work.

I have always wanted to do something with theses samples and now that I have my hexie cutter I can.
They are just big enough!

So a couple of evenings last week including Friday, that is what I was doing.

For the moment I have just done the florals - tonight I plan to spread them out on a tray to see how best to put them together.

Now for a bit of blog hopping to see what everyone else was up to on Friday..
Hope you all have a good week with plenty of stitch.


  1. Great post, Lin! You certainly achieved a lot for FNSI. My goodness, I see what you mean about the difference in price of the cutter between France and UK...I look forward to seeing what you make with those hexies :-)

  2. Oh I wish we loved closer so you could show me what you are doing with your painted paper , interesting to be sure . What a neat little gadget for cutting hexies and your little sample fabrics are perfect for making flowers . I think this company has a great idea to send out samples , best way to see if you like the fabric and Colors . Your crazy paych block is lovely !

  3. Love your little hexagons that you are playing with...

  4. I can't wait to see what you are making with your painted paper. You are so talented. Love your little hexies. On top of the exorbitant price is exorbitant postage! And up here in Nova Scotia is a high sales tax. It's getting ridiculous.

  5. WOW, love the paper and cann't wait to see what you make. Gorgeous hexies, very productive at your place.

  6. Great post! Wow, half inch hexies??! You are one patient woman, that's for sure. What a great idea to turn the samples into hexies. Enjoy your sewing :-) Oh, and I love the creative paper that you're working with.

  7. Wow - I am so excited about all those little hexagons and all for free?? That'll keep you busy now that Winter's here! Your paper is wonderful - I keep seeing new (to me!) crafts everywhere! xCathy

  8. Waiting to see what you do with that painted monoprint.
    And I do like to see your embroidery, lovely ribbon flowers.
    It is always so relaxing doing hexies.

  9. Waiting to see what you do with that painted monoprint.
    And I do like to see your embroidery, lovely ribbon flowers.
    It is always so relaxing doing hexies.


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