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Saturday 18 April 2020

FNSI for April

Thank you Wendy for inviting us to join you again - you can see who else took part in our Friday Night Sew In here.

Last week I showed you these 'Basket Case' blocks

I had a hankering for some Flying Geese and so my four blocks became this wall hanging!

Having pressed and photographed my hanging I put it aside to add the buttons during the evening and got out my sketchbook. I have been working on another pomegranate page and was determined to get it finished - which I did.

After spending the rest of the afternoon in the garden I settled down in the evening to add the buttons to my baskets and tadah!

Now to get it quilted and I am thinking just some simple ditchquilting around the blocks and the geese might be all that is needed! Watch this space.

I had good intentions of joining in with the Community Stitch Challenge this week and have the fabric and threads prepared and sitting on the table but that is as far as I have got! Maybe this evening. The challenge is to fill four squares or shapes with different types of couching and I will do this to add to my running stitch samples.

In other news, the nightingales have arrived and have been singing their hearts out all week, seemingly 24 hours a day! Lovely to hear them along with the cuckoo and hoopoes. We had some much needed rain yesterday evening but could have done without the wind that came with it. Lots of stuff in the garden needs tying up once it hasdried out a bit.

Our lockdown has been extended until May 11th - what will happen after that we dont know yet but I am sure there will still be lots of restrictions for some time after that.

Hope everyone is holding up - there certainly seems to be a lot more blogging activity going on!


  1. That Wisteria is gorgeous! They don't grow well here as our winters can be severe but I love them! Your little baskets are cute and your drawings make me remember to get out paper and pencil and practice as well. Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stitch on!
    Blessed Be.

  2. Your baskets look great with the flying geese and buttons added..
    Fantastic sketch you've done too.
    Yes I think it will be a long time before things ever get back to haoe they were ?????

  3. It's always lovely to hear the birds singing.
    Your baskets and geese look so pretty. Have fun quilting.

  4. Your wisteria is beautiful Lin. I am loving your baskets - will you hang your little wallhanging on a hanger? I look forward to seeing it all finished - it looks so pretty.

  5. Your baskets are beautiful Lin, they look great with the flying geese. Your art work is beautiful too. Our stay at home has been extended until May 16th I think. I did hear something about the bubble possibly be extended between Aus and NZ so we can fly between countries, no idea when though.

  6. Your little basket wall hanging is sweet , love the addition of buttons. We also have lots of restrictions which I suspect will be around until at least June but most likely much longer . We had more deaths today in nursing homes and our overall positive count in the province increased by 43 which is a lot considering the size of our province .

  7. Your Little Baskets turned out so cute! You have quite the knack for mixing your fabrics together beautifully. I have been listening to the robins seemingly non-stop lately. Love to hear bird songs.

  8. Your basket quilt looks lovely. how lovely to hear he bird song. Not sure when our restrictions will be lifted. Hugs,xx

  9. Your basket quilt looks lovely. how lovely to hear he bird song. Not sure when our restrictions will be lifted. Hugs,xx

  10. lovely little wallhanging made from the baskets.. they flying geese bring out the different fabrics... happy quilting...
    How lovely to have the nightingales singing.... I haven't heard them so I picked up one on you tube.. such a happy sound...

  11. The buttons do add a lovely detail, don't they!

  12. Your baskets piece is very pretty - I love the extra detail of the buttons on it and the flying geese are a nice touch too. We find out today when our lockdown will be relaxed a little - it's very strict right now and businesses are hoping things will be eased soon, the numbers are tracking right so we are hopeful. The birdsong at your place sounds delightful.

  13. I love the Wisteria in your blog header - gorgeous! I doubt it would grow well here - too humid!
    The buttons make such a difference your baskets - looks great.
    Maybe renewed blogging will be an upside to this.

    Australia seems to be in less lock down than some places and statistically we aren't doing too badly - most of our cases have come from international travellers and a lot from a cruse ship :-(
    That is now a huge saga and is subject to police investigation.

  14. Well done on the baskets....you made such a lovely wall hanging! LOVE your Pomegranates! I agree with comments above. The wisteria is a picture xx

  15. Great work on the basket quilt and nightingales, oh how romantic - where is Keats when you need him? Your sketching is amazing - you are very talented. Our lockdown will continue to at least May 11, too, I think although there are noises about easing restrictions soon. So, who knows?

  16. Love your baskets with the flying geese. Flying geese are a personal favourite of mine. Your sketching look great clever gal.

  17. Goodness that wisteria is just glorious! Love your little baskets and I am so jealous at those perfect points on your geese! well done.


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