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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Friday Night with Friends week 2!

Thank you very much Cheryll - great idea to get us all together again this month. You can see who else joined in here

A couple of weeks ago Michelle very kindly shared her 'basket case' design which very much appealed to me and so my plan for FNwF's was to make a few of thses blocks - they are 6.5"

My plan is to join these with a narrow sashing and add a border to make a small summery wall hanging. I plan to fill the baskets with button flowers and a few embroidered leaves something like this.

Thank you Michelle.

Earlier this week I finished adding the April borders to my Red Manor House and so this is how it looks now.

Not the best picture - my 'design wall' is now a little on the small side!

Also this week I have made my swap hexies for the month

and my RSC block

not exactly light and bright but they are what I have.

I decided not to take part in this weeks community stitch challenge - the subject was eyes and I thought I would find it a bit creepy! However, I have seen some beautiful work on the facebook site. Looking forward to next weeks challenge though.

The weather continues to be good and we have been enjoying temperatures in the high 20's on our terasse. The garden is growing very quickly but we have plenty of time at the moment to keep it under control. One bonus of not being away for our usual Easter trip is that we can watch the wisteria flowers open up.

and this rats tail cactus which I hate apart from when it is flowering!

This tree frog seems to have taken a liking for my wasp trap and spends the day there every now and again.

Our nearest town is Riberac where there is a busy Friday market - although not at the moment. However we had heard that there would be a food market there yesterday morning and so I went in at 8 am to pick up some sausages from Helen of Franklins Farm. Just the best sausages. Anyway, when I got to the market there were about 20 stalls, well spread out and surrounded by a barrier with a one way system. There were two gendarmes on duty at the entrance checking our paperwork - the attestation we have to fill out saying why we are out and about dated, timed and signed and identity cards (in my case passport). Once this had been checked and approved we were then directed to use the hand sanitiser before being allowed to enter. All very efficient I thought.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well at home. Happy stitching.


  1. Good to hear they are doing the best they can to keep everyone safe. The lovely weather is helping to make it all bearable, I think..

  2. Love the little baskets. Will make a sweet quilt. You already know I love Red Manor House but wowwee! to this week's progress. When we lived in FL, a neighbor grew wisteria. They sure smell wonderful and you took me back in time with that picture. I have a little tree frog that makes his home under my on-the-deck bird bath. They are quite cute and at one time I had two living under there! Have a great weekend, Lin!

  3. The market and it's precautions sounds like a good idea. Sadly nothing like that here yet. But they are preparing to ease some restrictions in a week or so. Maybe.....
    You blocks are lovely, I especially like the flower for RSC.
    Enjoy your garden.

  4. Love your little baskets, so cute. Manor house looks lovely. Glad to hear that they are taking precautions at the markets. Some of the markets here a week ago weren't & there was a big uproar over it. The markets this weekend were being run very differently as they should be. Hugs,xx

  5. lovely sewing, I like your baskets and Red Manor is growing well.... great that they still have the market but with the necessary restrictions... gorgeous wisteria and I have never seen the rats tail cactus.... aptly named!

  6. I saw the basket pattern on Michelle's blog Lin & loved it also. I just think how you are going to add button flowers will be just so gorgeous! I was very interested to read about the protocol for your local market. Happy Easter to you Lin xx

  7. Lovely baskets & Red Manor is looking gOOd too.
    Gorgeous pic's of your flowers... & thanks for joining in FnWF again...xox

  8. Good to hear the precautions being taken at the market, you can still buy and the sellers can still sell. Your baskets are very cute, they will make a great wall hanging. Your quilt looks fantastic as do your hexies. The flowers on the rats tail cactus are beautiful, I agree about the plant!! Lovely to to have the frog visiting.

  9. Pretty little baskets Lin.
    I love those rats tails flowers too xx

  10. Pleased you could visit the markets and they have very good precautions in place.
    Your baskets will be a cute wall hanging. Red Manor is growing nicely..
    Pretty swap Hexies and nice RSC block.
    Never seen the Rat Tail cactus but it does have colourful flowers as does the Wisteria..

  11. I like your basket with buttons :-)
    Interesting the bit about market, I can't see it working here!
    There are advantages to not going away ;-), the wisteria is beautiful.

  12. The market does sound efficiently managed and probably what we will face for some months to come as things open up a bit but are still strictly keeping a distance. Love the little baskets and those buttons will make them look so pretty. Great idea. Gosh, I have never seen a rats tail like that, so pretty in flower. I love wisteria - we had a beautiful purple one at our last house. I do miss it.

  13. Sounds like your market is very well organised with keeping people as safe as possible. I heard the farmers markets here have had trouble with people being too close to each other. Your Manor House is looking beautiful and your handbag appliques look great. Love your idea to fill the baskets. Ofcourse, as always, I love the hexies. What was the challenge you didn't do?

  14. I love your baskets and how you are going to 'fill' them! I love the colours of the RSC block. It's great they were still able to run the farmer's market whilst working out how to make sure it was as safe as possible x

  15. I love your Red Manor House!

  16. Love your version of "basket case" Lin. So glad you liked them and used them. And Manor House is just gorgeous. We had such issues with markets here. Sounds like yours were very well managed xx

  17. Hi Lin, so great to hear that the Farmers market is still able to run (albeit in a more limited capacity). Love your two quilts but especially Red Manor House. Stay safe and well, my dear friend, hugs, Kaye


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