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Saturday 25 April 2020

Saturday Catchup

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by all the online stuff out there at the moment? There I was thinking that this lockdown was going to be a nice quiet time to get on with ufo's and catch up with things around the house and what I find is that I could be spending all day on the computer!

However, I have managed some sewing - I finished my Basket Case wall hanging with some ditch quilting and it is now hanging in my 'studio'.

I do love it and am really pleased with how it has turned out. It hangs next to a selection of spring/summer flower postcards.

Not the best picture but it is narrow there and tricky to get the camera at the right angle.

Also this week I finished off last weeks stitch challenge which was to fill four shapes with different types of couching.

I enjoyed working on this and it has given me a few ideas of how I can use couching in the future.

I have several flimsys sitting in a pile waiting to be quilted and I thought it about time that I got at least one of them finished off. So out came my Super Scrappy quilt. I put it together in 2018 and you can read about it here -you will need to scroll down a bit.

So first I had to layer it up. Batting was not a problem as I always keep plenty on hand but backing fabric? What did I have. Then I remembered an old yellow cotton sheet that I had found after my Nana died and we were clearing out some of her stash! Nana was very good at stash. There were two sheets and two pillow cases still in their cellophane wrapping and were 'Made in England' which will give you some idea of their age. Anyway they have been well used and are now nice and soft. One of them I used to back my hexagon table cloth and the remains will be used on the back of some secret stitching that I am working on. The other one was sitting in the cupboard and looking at me so out it came!

The flimsy is full of memories - samples of embroidery and quilting from years back, long forgotten fabrics and recycled patchwork, gifted scraps and of course plenty of my own scraps. So nice to have a memory of Nana on the back.

At the moment I am ditch quilting around each block but I may also diagonally quilt it as well.

I will leave you with some pictures of a few of the wild orchids that we have in the garden at the moment.

Early Spider

Green Winged






Have a lovely week.


  1. I must admit, there's a lot more going on than I expected!

  2. Beautiful Orchids. Thank you for sharing those, you are so lucky to have so many varieties in your garden.
    Your scrap quilt sounds like a great memory quilt, that's what I enjoy about scrap quilts too. And of course it will have very special back. I often use good quality cotton sheets as backings too.
    There are a lot of things happening on the WWW at the moment, so many free designs and stitch alongs. I have collected a few patterns, but haven't joined in with anything. I've just carried on doing my own thing.

  3. It is so easy to get overwhelmed... I have to admit I had to purposely just focus on some things and 'ignore' others.... I always want to join in to everything!!! haha... I love your little embroidery sampler.. those hexagons are great...
    Scrappy quilts are always a favourite and yours is full of such a lot of special things.... sheeting is a lovely backing

  4. Your orchids are beautiful Lin. How lovely & such a pretty time of year for you over there. I adore your wall hanging - it turned out so pretty. I try to really limit my screen time both computer & phone & not listen too much to the news reports either. Otherwise it can feel overwhelming.

  5. The orchids in your garden are beautiful, are they native? So many different kinds. It is wonderful how so many people have put beautiful things out on the web for this time, but you are right it can be overwhelming, I am trying to stick to ufo's but it is tempting to not!! Your scrap quilt looks lovely, great to have your grandmother's sheet fabric on the back. Your basket mini is beautiful and your stitching looks great.

  6. Such pretty orchids. Do they just come up in the garden or previously planted there? You little mini is so pretty. Very spring colours!

  7. Hi Lin wow you do so much beautiful work your little wallhanging is gorgeous and i love that you hang the postcards next to it,great works of art hanging on your wall.
    My sister is cutting up our mums clothes at the moment and making the 4 of us a rag quilt,lots of memeries in these quilts.
    Love your wild Orchids Lin thay are all so pretty,stay safe,cheers Shez xx

  8. Yes it does seem to be a little overwhelming. I am trying to just go at my own pace. I love your Basket Case and what a wonderful treasure your scrap quilt is. Those wild orchids are gorgeous x

  9. I thought I may make a project during these strange times, but as you say, there is so much out there, that I haven't done anything special. It must feel good you have your mini quilt finished and also to be working on your scrappy quilt. You are making great progress.

  10. I think we will all be pleased when these restrictions are removed or at least relaxed. I think our sewing keeps us somewhat sane though. Keep on making those stitches...& stay safe...xox


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