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Saturday, 3 July 2021

Friday Night with Friends

 The beginning of another month! And I have to say that here in the Dordogne the weather is not at all July like - its been cool and wet and last weekend I had to resort to warm trousers and a fleecy top. It's humid at the moment after yet more rain although not enough to soak my pots. But I digress.

Many thanks to Cheryll for organsing our cyber get together for July - you can seewhat everyone got up to here.

I am afraid I dont have very much to show. I spent an hour in the afternoon playing with my watercolours - practising for a still life which is the culmination of the course I have been following. Nothing to share at the moment though. In the evening I picked up my next Field Journal stitchery and this is as far as I got.

There is more football tonight so I shall easily get it finished - need to sort out some backing fabric for it.

Happy mail this morning in the shape of some stabiliser which means I can get a lot more of these designs traced up and ready to work on in odd moments.

Since my last post I have completed the lavender hexie and also this thistle

and am very happy with how they are looking together.

This months RSC colour is dark blue so I must soon get out my box of scraps and see what I have - I am sure there plenty there that I spotted when working on the light and bright blues.

Hope evryone had a good Friday night and I shall soon be round to see what you worked on.

Blogger has been playing up - thankfully I have been relatively free from the problems that most people seem to have had so now it is catching up with me. My apologies if I didnt reply to your comment on my last post - they stopped coming to me by email which is annoying. I hope I picked up everyones comment but if I missed yours then sorry.

Also you will notice the tiny damsel fly picture at the top of my blog. A recent update changed the gadget for adding the picture and it wont make it any bigger! If anyone has suggestions I will be pleased to hear them! Thank you.

See you soon.


  1. Pretty hexies. It is annoying how things keep getting changed on blogger.....and no instruction on how to fix any problems.

  2. Your stitcheries are lovely.
    I'm no help fixing blogger, sorry.

  3. I LOVE your embroidered hexies...they look so pretty all together too...
    Thanks for joining in FnwF this month again...xox

  4. Your embroidered hexies are lovely. I have the same problem with the header photo and no idea how to fix it either.

  5. Your Field Journals are lovely... great doing them in hexies - I haven't been able to work out blogger problems but I did delete my email and save then add it again and save and that helped once... but some still do not get through and I miss them

  6. Those hexies are just absolutely beautiful Lin 💕xx

  7. Lol, there is always something to deal with re blogger. Hope you find a solution. Love your hexies especially the lavendar. Your Field Journal embroidery is lovely.

  8. Your hexies are so pretty!!! My header is pitiful looking too. Hopefully Blogger will get it fixed soon.

  9. Those thistle flowers look so complicated and so beautiful. Great job!
    It may not be a blogger issue with the header picture. Does this picture have the same KB as the last picture has? Maybe this picture can't get any bigger. It might just be a glitch. Have you tried removing the picture? Close your blogger (like sign out), and close the computer. Wait a minimum of 40 seconds then go back in and upload the picture again. If not, well, I don't know why your picture decided to act up. Sorry. Enjoy the watercolours. ;^)

  10. Your stitching is so beautiful and those hexies look gorgeous each on their own and together.

  11. Dratted updates!

    However, the embroidery is going well. Your Field Journal stitcheries are looking very happy together.

  12. Oh I love your Field Journal blocks. I like how you are doing them in the hexagon setting too. A group of ladies are doing FJ at work and I always enjoy seeing what they're stitching!

  13. I like your hexie embroideries, so pretty, and what a lovely idea.
    If you manage to sort out your header, let me know! You have a such a nice new picture, what a shame :-(

  14. Oh, I love your gorgeous embroidered hexies, each one so different and nicely finished.


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