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Saturday, 21 August 2021

Friday Night Sew In for August

 Good to be sewing again with virtual friends - thank you Wendy for getting us organised. Pop over to Wendy's blog here to see what everyone was working on.

I spent a little while on the computer first of all. I mentioned in my last post that I am researching all things spiral for a new sketchbook. So I am starting with the very earliest known man made spiral which is this Triskelion or Triskele from Newgrange in The Republic of Ireland.

This symbol was carved over 5000 years ago into the wall of the burial chamber, at the end of a long passage. It was positioned so that during the winter solstice the suns rays would stretch along the passage and illuminate the symbol. The symbol has been used elsewhere including on this Mycenaean vessel

and carved into rock in Galicia in Spain.

These spirals are related to the three legged Tiskelion or Triskeles which can be found in Ancient Greek art, coinage, on the flag of Sicily and as the symbol of The Isle of Man.

OK folks, culture lesson over for the day and yes I did get some sewing done! Quite a lot of quilting on my tablecloth actually as there was a fairly boring football match on TV. I just have one side of the tablecloth to quilt now.

Not easy to photograph but you should be able to make out that the top edge is unquilted.

Right, I am off to visit a few fellow FNSIers.

Have a good week.


  1. Those spirals are very interesting and funny you mention the Isle of Man. At our last applique meeting we talked about and learned how to make the Manx Log Cabin block. I pulled fabric but didn't get a stitch in. Your tablecloth is gorgeous! Great job!

  2. Interesting research on the spirals and your tablecloth is so gorgeous!

  3. Interesting cultural lesson Lin…..
    Great progress on the tablecloth…

  4. Thank you for the culture lesson, Lin. =) Nice to see your lovely quilted tablecloth again. I am always struck by the loveliness of it. So much love and work has gone into this quilt. Have fun quilting.

  5. Interesting info about the spirals. I only associate them with the Isle of Man, now I know more 😁 your table cloth is looking amazing, not too much more quilting to do.

  6. Very interesting these spiral figures. Thanks for the lesson. Love this tablecloth. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. An interesting lesson on spirals. I now know a lot more about them now. Before I only knew that i love spirals. Your tablecloth is looking so beautiful.

  8. Interesting to read about the spirals, loving your quilting....

  9. Love your quilting. Fascinating info about spirals. There is always something to learn.

  10. Wow, you're hand quilting, lovely and gorgeous quilt.

  11. Iam enjoying your spiral research....incredible to look back that far. I love your quilting...its gorgeous!

  12. Your quilted tablecloth looks wonderful Lin 💕

  13. I first read it as "fairy football", and was very intrigued..!

  14. 5000 years old, the spirals. It is so great . Even Picasso is said to have said "we haven't learned anything" when he saw the Lascaux cave paintings.
    Now I'm really looking forward to your spiral project ... yes, and still have to implement idea :-))))
    And that is exactly what is exciting.
    Have wonderful summer days still. Many greetings to you.
    Thank you very much for the pictures.

  15. Great quilt that you make. I wish you a lot of fun completing it.
    Thanks for the info about spirals ... very nice examples.
    Have a wonderful sunday. Many greetings Viola


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