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Thursday, 7 October 2021

On our travels!

 Yes, after 20 months we managed a trip to the UK where we were able to catch up with friends and family. It was a lovely time and the sun shone for most of it which was great although the last few days were distinctly damp.

Lovely to be out and about in the Somerset countryside too - the narrow roads and high hedges were a welcome sight after the wide open fields of the northern Dordogne. And the sea! So good to see the sea again.

So I will launch straight in to some photographs.

This weather worn boat was in Watchet Harbour - I love that splash of turquoise on top of the right hand pole.

We managed to arrive in Watchet on market day - it was busy! So we took our picnics to Blue Anchor bay and sat on the beach looking across to the Welsh coast. From there we drove inland to Staple Plain where we walked up to the top of Beacon Hill. The heather was in full bloom and glorious.

In the second picture you can see the stunning view down to the coast.

At the top - you can just see the beacon on the right.

On another occasion we visited St Martins church at Kingsbury Episcopi for an interesting exhibition documenting cider making in the parish and the local families and businesses involved. I spotted this lovely door in a corner of the church.

and these 'drunken' graves outside.

I am surprised that Health and Safety haven't been round and condemned that gravestone! Some years ago we visited another graveyard in North Somerset where council workers were pulling over tilted gravestones 'because they are dangerous'!

Anyway from there we of course had to visit a local cider farm, Burrow Hill Cider Farm where they also distill the cider to make cider brandy. 

It is cider making time and there was a large heap of apples in the yard being washed prior to being pulped.

Then a visit to Muchelney Pottery 

Sadly John Leach, grandson of Bernard Leach, died recently but for the time being the pottery and shop will be carrying on. I bought one of the lovely jugs from the kitchenware range to add to my small collection and enjoyed admiring the beautiful one off collection pieces.

Finally a lovely day out with friends at Killerton House It was our first visit and we enjoyed walking round the gardens dodging showers under huge old trees. This lovely hinge was on the door to the Church and will be added to my spiral collection.

 The Bears Hut also sheltered us - in the main room the ceiling is decorated with pine cones

and this is part of the beautiful floor.

Killerton is home to a large collection of 18th - 20th century dress and accessories. On display while we were there an interesting exhibition of sports wear including a very elaborate - and I would have thought very hot - tennis dress! No 7 in the picture.

Thank you for reading through to the end - I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Thank you for sharing your travel pctures.

  2. Wonderful to have that trip... and lots of lovely places and things to see.....

  3. How wonderful to be able to have a trip back to the UK. You went to some interesting places, the jug you bought Lin is great.

  4. these look like some amazing places to visit!
    love that church door too.

  5. Thank you for taking us along on your vacation! I loved it. If I can't be there in person, tagging along in pictures is the next best thing. I would love to try the cider brandy. Sounds yummy!

  6. Hi, just catching up with your UK trip - you were very lucky with the weather, September was so lovely; and visiting my favourite places. Very good time to visit Burrow Hill Cider when just brining apples in, I have picture like that somewhere, not the place to leave empty handed from.....Sad news about John Leach, I love that shop, could spend fortune there!! xx

  7. How wonderful you could visit again. I enjoyed all your photos of your lovely time.

  8. Thanks for sharing all the pics..... That roof looks pretty cool.
    Shame they just could not reset the headstones so they stay for another hundred years.....

  9. Loved strolling through your photos of your trip back to the UK, Lin. Fabulous, that after all this time you were able to go and enjoy the sights and spend time with family and friends. Health and Safety....what are they thinking??!! Why, I would have thought a tilted, almost falling down headstone or two is a must in centuries old graveyards. Truly, what is the world coming to?? =) Yes, I can see lots of ideas emanating from your trip to your 'scrolls'. I look forward to seeing what your imagination conjures up. Love that hinge, and doors on old churches are always fascinating. A lovely jug you choose, too.

  10. It sounds like you really enjoyed your visit to the UK - so lovely that you could visit again; thank you for sharing the photos, it's always interesting to see another part of the world.


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