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Saturday 19 March 2022

Friday night sew in

 Late to sign up and late to post, but I was there! Thank you Wendy for organising and everyone who took part. Here is the link to see what everyone was working on.

At the beginning of the month I signed up for another Design Matters TV course - #31daysartjournal - designed to get you working a little bit each day into your art journal. A new video each day suggests ideas and challenges to work in your journal all of which are bite sized and doable.

So I started on a new sketchbook and got to this stage

but then discovered when I flattened it out to add some machine stitch that the book was glued and not stitched, so the pages started to fall out! Fast forward to a new sketchbook which arrived this week and I started out by adding paint around the edges.

I ripped all the pages out of the original book and added the ones I really liked to the new book. So Friday afternoons task was to machine them in place. Since then I have been adding oil pastel and more paint and now my book looks like this.

Here are a few of my favourite pages so far.

My plan for the evening was to finish off this Wings and Pretty Things block but having pinned the flower pot in place I realised that I was missing a leaf! So I had to put it aside and started basting the flowers for the next block in stead.

The weather here has improved no end and we have had a few sunny spring like days although the wind has been a tad strong today! The washing loved it though.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


  1. Your new course sounds fascinating, Lin. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the new journal you have prepped. It all looks wonderfully creative. Wings and Pretty Things is going to be such a pretty quilt. Nothing like a good strong wind to get the washing on the line dried.

  2. It will interesting to see the progress of your journal.
    Yes, great weather, done loads of washing too. Another pretty block :-) Have a good Sunday!

  3. Your journal pages look wonderful Lin. I love that sort of thing & would love to do more papercraft this year. Love your wings & pretty things block. Enjoy the spring weather. xx

  4. your art journal is looking fantastic already... lovely sewing - I do so love the colours you are using for Wings..

  5. Wow, your journal looks amazing! Such a lot of work but so worth it.. love your pretty block too xx

  6. Oh, Lin! What an amazing art journal you are creating! I absolutely love how you have been prepping the page edges with paints. That’s a technique I want to try to remember to give a try. I love those pages you have shared.

  7. Love your journal and the applique block is so sweet.

  8. Your art journal is looking wonderful - so much creative goodness. Your Wings block is lovely - those colours are very pretty - shame about the leaf, but it's nearly done!

  9. Your journal is looking great.. lots of work …
    Lovely Wings block, using pretty fabrics.

  10. I'm glad you were able to get hold of a properly stitched journal. The glued ones fall apart if you look at them sharply!

  11. Too bad the first journal was glued. You did an amazing job at rescuing your lovely work. It's always so interesting to see your work. ;^)

  12. It's interesting to hear about your new course, how good that you were able to save the most important part of your first sketchbook.
    Good luck.
    Have fun further on
    Wings and Pretty Things block. Wonderful.
    And yes, drying the laundry in the spring air is simply beautiful.
    Hug from Viola

  13. Shame about the first journal, but good it gave you pages to go in the second one. Your Wings block is lovely.


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