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Sunday 6 August 2023

Friday Night with Friends for August....

 ....was a bit of a washout sewing wise. All I managed to do in the evening was to sew these two hearts together having basted the pieces the night before.

They need a good press now so that I can get them appliqued down.

But, we had a lovely day out meeting up with friends for lunch. We picked a spot roughly midway between us as we live about a 3 hour drive from each other. The place we chose to meet up was Cerne Abbas a pretty Dorset village with lots of lovely old architecture. Sadly I didn't get any pictures -  we were far too busy talking! We stopped for coffee and then moved on to the Royal Oak for lunch.

After lunch we drove out to a viewing point to see what Cerne Abbas is famous for - the Cerne Giant a chalk hill figure. Click on the link for a decent photograph! Mine are not very clear. I understand that the chalk trenches are redone every 7 years and it looks like they are due refurbishment!

The traffic on the roads on our way to Cerne Abbas was horrendous - holiday traffic heading to and from Devon and Cornwall, so we took a more scenic route home. Ironically the only traffic hold up we had was about 3 minutes from home - a notoriously busy junction.

We hadn't been home long when friends called in and we had impromptu drinks. So by the time I got sat down in the evening to sew time was running out and I was feeling quite tired. However, a fun day and I would not have changed it.

Many thanks Cheryll for getting us together again.


  1. It's great to break up the sewing work with such a lovely outing.
    Thanks for your photos and the link.
    The different interpretations of the giant are really interesting... and we find that there's a lot we don't know.
    Happy Sunday evening and a warm greeting from Viola

  2. Your outing looked and sounded like a great time. Thanks for sharing the Cerne Abbas. I've never heard of that. Your handwork is pretty in yellow!

  3. The hearts look so pretty Lin. I love that chalk giant figurine on the hillside - how amazing. You are getting out & about & seeing such pretty scenery - I am enjoying it through your photos. Have a great week Lin. xx

  4. So many beautiful places you visit...England is gorgeous. Very different from here. Love the hearts.

  5. Your day sounds like a lot of fun and the hearts are gorgeous!

  6. Cerne Abbas is such a pretty village; the weather hasn't been much recently. We are staying very much at home at this time of year, too many people moving about!

  7. That does sound a very fun day....

  8. OOh love those hearts, Lin!! And I think we have seen that chalk figure on Escape to the Country...our favourite show to end our evenings tv watching these days. They always highlight the local sites which is interesting.

  9. It sounds like a great day, well worth the exhaustion!

  10. The chalk figure is amazing...I love the way you are making the hearts...very clever.


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