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Saturday 23 September 2023

Cornwall part 1

 We have just had a few days away in Cornwall and mostly avoided bad weather until the last day when we drove home in torrential rain!

I thought that I would attach a map for those of you not familiar with UK geography and this one shows most of the places we visited.

We were staying just outside Helston and arrived late afternoon after visiting family also staying in the area. So the next day we drove to Lizard point - the most southerly part of England.

There were seals out on those rocks - not close enough for a photograph though.

From there we moved on to Gunwalloe Church cove, further up the left hand side of the Lizard peninsular. It was lunchtime and we had the beach almost to ourselves!

From the beach you get a glimpse of the church which nestles behind the rocks of Castle Mound.

The church is the low building on the right and the separate Bell tower on the left is built into the rock.

St Winwaloe's was originally known as 'The Church of the Storms. There has been a church on the site since the 5th century, the current building dates from the 15th century and the bell tower from the 13th century.

Just imagine what that beautiful carving on the porch roof beams must have looked like when new!

All dressed up for a wedding - a popular spot I should imagine.

Before leaving the Lizard we had to drive past the enormous satellite dishes at Goonhilly Earth Station  just as it was starting to get dark.

And so the end of our first day - and I think of this post! I shall be back soon with part 2.


  1. Bon voyage, Lin. Thank you for taking us along with you. I loved every minute it took to read this post. How's the weather? By the size of the waves it looks like it was windy on that day. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. Wow, your Cornwall looks much more interesting than the one near me. Interesting place to explore.

  3. what a lovely old church ..... beautiful area... that's a sizeable group of satellite dishes

  4. Those carved beams were probably once painted as well..!

  5. You see so many wonderful places! Thank you for the map at the top so I could become acquainted with the location of Cornwall in relation to the rest of England. :-)

  6. such beautiful scenery on your posts about Cornwall. Though I still prefer beaches with white sand...LOL. The church looks wonderful - perfect for weddings I'm sure.


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