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Saturday 2 September 2023

FNwFs September

 September 1st and the start of autumn, haha. It has been autumnish here for the last week or so but this week summer is set to return with temperatures possibly reaching the high 20's. Well that will be very pleasant, thank you.

And thank you too to Cheryll for organising our Friday evening ( and afternoon) again. Pop over here to see who else took part. Gosh, we were a select few, where was everyone? Hope to see a few more next month.

I stitched for a while in the afternoon and again in the evening working on this Field Journal stitchery. Nearly finished now.

I also spent about half an hour crocheting and I will show a picture of that in a minute. 

I do seem to have a few things to show you that I have been working on over the last couple of weeks.

This Jumper is now a finish.

This was a stash buster hence the varied colours. I had a pattern for a jumper like this - it was Rowan - which I knitted up a couple of times and was my favourite shape. Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid the pattern so I had to adapt and improvise. The neck is not exactly right but it will be fine - nice and cosy with a shirt for the winter. Now as we all know, stash busters never seem to knock much of a hole in the stash and so I still have a bag full of this colour combo lurking under the bed. So knowing how crochet eats wool I have started a ripple blanket (Attic 24 ripple pattern) to try and tame that stash. And that is what I spent a little time on yesterday.

I have decided one or two rows a day will be enough to make this grow quickly.

I have two more FJ stitcheries ready to frame

I tend to wait until I have four ready and then finish them off.

The garden has done really well this summer with lots of flowers and colour right the way through. It has been nice to have it buzzing with bees and full of butterflies. I thought it would be nice to record the varieties of butterfly we have seen in the garden by sketching them and at the same time playing with my coloured pencils. Here are the results.

I still have one more to slot in - possibly on the first page bottom left as it is one with it's wings closed. Anyway, I enjoyed working on these.

So that's it for now, have a lovely weekend.


  1. Es estupendo sacar los restos y crear cosas bonitas, el jersey queda precioso y la manta te ayudar√° a gastar las lanas.
    Bonitos bordados y bonitas mariposas. BESICOS.

  2. Such a variety of lovely items being worked on. Fabulous artwork.

  3. Great to see those pretty FJ stitcheries happening there..... I have framed a few more this week..... I love your new jumper - what a pity the other pattern went walkabout! The ripple is a great way to use up stash ... looking good already.... I was talking to my daughter last night and she is muttering that there wasn't much summer weather at all this year.... hopefully it will mean a mild winter?????

  4. Lovely post Lin, showcasing lots of gorgeousness. Your FJ stitcheries are beautiful, as are your butterflies - very clever! The jersey is a great style - mum had a similar pattern and she lost track of how many she knitted over the years - all sizes! The ripple blanket will be pretty too - I hope it uses plenty of yarn for you!

  5. Beautiful embroidery pieces you've made.
    Lovely jumper and a pretty ripple blanket your working on too.
    Fabulous sketeches ...

  6. Your stitchery work always looks so pretty. You can't beat a cosy crochet project for the cooler months. That sweater looks great.

  7. The last two days have been positively summery here, in spite of something along the lines of "If you were looking forward to summer, you've missed it!" a week ago.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel that StashBusting Projects Never Do!

  8. Your projects are beautiful. I especially love your butterfly drawings!

  9. Beautiful butterflies Lin, good luck with your stash busting crochet, it looks great. Your stitcheries are really pretty.

  10. It is nice to see more butterflies around this year, your drawings are lovely. Your stitcheries are pretty too.

  11. Beautiful embroideries and a nice start on the ripple blanket.


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