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Sunday 1 October 2023

September catch up

 I thought I would keep back all my sewing and crochet progress to make a separate post from our Cornish travels.

First up some completed Field Journal hexagons and the latest embroidered one.

My RSC hearts for September

I am going to have to lay them all out again to see what colour I need for October because light neutrals does not excite me!

The crochet blanket has come on a lot quicker than I thought it would - that's because I couldn't face all that satin stitch on the FJ panel in the evenings!

However, it has now been put away for a bit as some balls of sock wool arrived this week from West Yorkshire Spinners so now I am knitting socks. The first pair I am knitting uses this lovely Green Woodpecker colourway.

Very appropriate for a birder I thought.

So that is it for now and I am all caught up. See you soon.


  1. Those are going to be some gorgeous socks, Lin. I love knitted socks as you know. The Field Journal stitcheries are so beautiful and your RSC Hearts are very inspiring.

  2. FJ hexagons are wonderful. I'm in love with the dragonfly. Looking forward to seeing all your RSC heart together. Your crochet blanket steals the show though. I adore it! Bravo! ;^)

  3. It is the time of year for wool socks. Yours look very nice. I'm convinced that striped sock yarn knits up faster than plain.

  4. Lovely field journal blocks, Lin, and wow - knitted socks! If only we had the weather for that. Although to be honest I did try to knit socks once (from a pattern in Jane Brocket's knitting book) and gave up fairly quickly as I couldn't get the hang of knitting with four needles at once. Ha ha!

  5. All of your projects looks fantastic! I especially love those embroidered hexies and the RSC hearts. But those socks are pretty nice, too!

  6. WYS do do some gorgeous yarns, don't they!

  7. Your Field Journals are so pretty.... I put off satin stitch too!!! haha.... Gorgeous socks coming up - such lovely yarn to play with...... I'm not sure how I will go with neutrals...may give it a miss!

  8. Those hexies are precious and your embroidery is beautiful. Your crochet blanket is stunning in those colors. I really like the heart blocks...they are so unusual in their construction but it allows for a variety of fabrics to be used. I love WYS's yarn. I've made several pairs of socks from them but not the woodpecker....those are great colors! I am hoping to be better about keeping up with you all!

  9. such beautiful stitcheries and hearts. Love the woolly projects too.

  10. Beautiful Field Journal hexie blocks
    Your crochet throw is beautiful...great colours in your socks x

  11. Beautiful stitching as always fore your field journal blocks. Your crochet blanket is beautiful, I love the colours. Those socks will be bright.


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